10 Best Gift Delivery Shops in Lubbock

The 10 Best Gift Delivery Shops in Lubbock

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for your lucky one. Fret not, though, as we’re listing the very best gift delivery shops in Lubbock, TX here for you.

Each of these shops sells and delivers various gifts that your friend or your loved one may like and that can suit your budget. And you can definitely order online today from them!

Disclaimer: This article may contain links from affiliates. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. While we have not tested out the products of every single shop on this list, this selection is based on our in-depth research.

Comparison Table: Gift Delivery Prices in Lubbock

Gift ShopBestsellerPriceProsConsDelivery
Tiff’s Treats$5 – $181Delicious baked cookies, personalized gifting service, gives discounts, open all weekOrdering can be a bit of a hassle, 15% automatic gratuity over $200$5.99 – $16.50
Edible Arrangements$7 – $1,999.99Free and same-day delivery, delivers nationwide, live chat support, gives discounts, open all weekDesserts can be allergenic, slow to respond, deliveries are sometimes lateFrom $9.99
Don’s Flowers$27.95 – $195.96Discounted flowers and gifts, same-day delivery, makes funeral flowers, easy to order fromClosed on weekendsFree delivery
Catching Whimsy$1.99 – $25Affordable gifts, wide range of payment methods, gives reward points, open all weekSome items can be pricey, doesn’t take PayPal, no flowers or plantsCalculated at checkout
Gift Basket Connection$33.99 – $127.50Same-day gift delivery, large gift catalog, great rates, ships globally, gives a satisfaction guaranteeCommon gift designs, slow to reply sometimesCalculated at checkout
Marble & Company$65 – $500Same-day flower delivery, makes wedding flowers, gives a satisfaction guaranteeNot many pre-designed flowers, pricey rates, doesn’t give discounts, closed on SundaysCalculated at checkout
Balloons by the BunchNASpecializes in balloon bouquets and arches, makes simple gift baskets, takes phone ordersClosed on Sundays, their online shop isn’t set up yetNA
All Flowered Up Too$54.99 – $224.99Same-day delivery, fair rates, gives discounts, live chat support, open all weekDelivery fee isn’t stated before checkout, their Marsha Sharp branch is closed on weekendsCalculated at checkout
Devault Floral$69.99 – $300Stunning arrangements, specializes in wedding and sympathy florals, fast same-day delivery, gives discountsVery small flower selection, expensive rates, closed on weekendsCalculated at checkout
Our West Mercantile$4.50 – $72Natural and delicious food, easy to order from, nice and helpful staffClosed on the weekends, gift basket choices could be more, delivery policy isn’t stated onlineCalculated at checkout

Best Gift Delivery Shops in Lubbock

1. Our West Mercantile

Our West Mercantile's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.outwestmercantilelbk.com/

Specialty: Gift baskets with fresh, homemade food

Price: $4.50 – $72

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Our West Mercantile is an organic food shop owned by the Varderman family. It sources food from its own farm and from local vendors and suppliers.

That is why their food, ranging from jams and peanut butter to pickled okra, tastes great and is all-natural. 

Their other best-selling products are jerkies, pasta sauce, and culinary mixes for a variety of food like soups, salads, and veggies.

These products can be bought separately or by gift basket by phone or web. 

Unfortunately, they only have a few gift basket choices online, and they deliver only on weekdays, which isn’t convenient for those who want to send gifts over the weekend.


  • Natural and delicious food
  • Easy to order from
  • Nice and helpful staff


  • Closed on the weekends
  • Gift basket choices could be more
  • Delivery policy isn’t stated online

2. Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements Homepage

Shop link: https://www.ediblearrangements.com/

Specialty:  Choco-dipped strawberries and fruit bouquets

Price: $7 – $1,999.99

Delivery fee: From $9.99

Payment methods: Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, Amazon Pay, and PayPal

Edible Arrangements offers a diverse range of sweet and healthy treats such as choco-dipped strawberries, fruit bouquets, cakes, and cookies.

But note that some of their treats use allergenic ingredients like eggs, nuts, or wheat. So if your recipient is allergic to one of them, you can pick another snack online. 

Usually, all the ingredients are listed on the specific product’s page.

Edible Arrangements offers free and same-day delivery for selected items, and they give discounts so you can spend less.

Concerning their other service flaws, though, the staff can be hard to contact, and the fruit or dessert delivery is late at times.


  • Free and same-day delivery
  • Delivers nationwide
  • Live chat support
  • Gives discounts
  • Open all week


  • Desserts can be allergenic
  • Slow to respond
  • Deliveries are sometimes late

3. All Flowered Up Too

All Flowered Up Too's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.allflowereduptoo.com/

Specialty: Lovely, lush flower arrangements

Price: $54.99 – $224.99

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Buying presents for your family or friend? If so, All Flowered Up Too has many flower and gift options for you to choose from.

They craft rich and lovely flower designs for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special events. A talented team of florists will assist you.

Plus, they have an array of gifts, from apparel to houseplants. And for your geeky friends, they have lots of Star Wars-themed gifts here like a Baby Yoda plush with candies and an assorted characters mug!

They have a couple of minor drawbacks, though. First, their Marsha Sharp branch in Lubbock (the main is on 50th Street, Lubbock) is closed on the weekends, and second, their delivery fee isn’t stated before checkout.

The latter isn’t ideal if you’re on a tight budget and want to know your total cost before ordering.


  • Same-day delivery
  • Fair rates
  • Gives discounts
  • Live chat support
  • Open all week


  • Delivery fee isn’t stated
  • Their Marsha Sharp branch is closed on weekends

4. Devault Floral

Devault Floral's Homepage

Shop link: https://devaultfloral.com/

Specialty: Stunning flowers delivered quickly

Price: $69.99 – $300

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

If you’re looking to get premium flowers and timely delivery, then Devault Floral is a good choice!

This florist is a wedding and funeral floral specialist, and many people choose them for these purposes.

A few of their customers told us that their site was easy to order from and their arrangements were beautifully made and came at the expected time.

However, they have a very small flower selection online and with mostly steep rates. So we suggest just calling them so they can make custom flowers for your friend or family.


  • Stunning arrangements
  • Specializes in wedding and sympathy florals
  • Fast same-day delivery
  • Gives discounts


  • Very small flower selection
  • Expensive rates
  • Closed on weekends

5. Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats Homepage

Shop link: https://www.cookiedelivery.com/

Specialty: Yummy cookies and cookie sandwiches

Price: $5 – $181

Delivery fee: $5.99 – $16.50

Perfectly baked cookies can make someone’s day, and you can order them from Tiff’s Treats at Lubbock.

They sell cookies and brownies per dozen, per box, and per tray for personal or corporate events.

Of course, there are different cookie flavors like chocolate, snickerdoodle (slightly tangy cookies covered in cinnamon sugar), oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter.

But what makes their cookie gifts special is you can choose a certain occasion box for it and add a custom video message and balloons too!

However, ordering from them online can be a bit of a hassle, as their ordering form is tedious to fill up.

Also, they charge a 15% gratuity if you spend over $200 with them. The latter serves as a tip for the staff and/or driver.


  • Delicious baked cookies
  • Personalized gifting service
  • Gives discounts
  • Open all week


  • Ordering can be a bit of a hassle
  • 15% automatic gratuity over $200

6. Don’s Flowers

Don’s Flowers Homepage

Shop link: https://www.sendflowerslubbock.com/

Specialty: Vibrant mixed arrangements

Price: $27.95 – $195.96

Delivery fee: Free Delivery

Don’s Flowers specializes in making vibrant mixed arrangements. This reliable florist in Lubbock stocks a wide range of flowers including sunflowers, hydrangeas, and orchids.

You will find their flower rates to be light, as they frequently slash them down. But they have a higher shipping fee, so you have to be aware of that before placing an order.

Moreover, you will find different gifts here including chips, fruit, and food baskets—also at a great price. The store also has cute teddy bears and gourmet chocolates too!

Don’s Flowers offers same-day delivery, so your flowers and gift will arrive at your friend’s doorstep as soon as possible. But this isn’t available during the weekends, which is unfortunate if someone’s birthday falls on those days.


  • Discounted flowers and gifts
  • Same-day delivery
  • Makes funeral flowers
  • Easy to order from


  • Closed on weekends

7. Catching Whimsy

Catching Whimsy's Homepage

Shop link: https://catching-whimsy.square.site/

Specialty: Small gifts and accessories

Price: $1.99 – $25

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay, JCB, and Afterpay

Catching Whimsy gift shop was established with the aim to provide fun gifts in Lubbock, TX.

There is a slew of small gifts here, from a cool Texas baseball cap to a red plaid scarf and a shiny blue heart ring.

The best part is most of them are affordable, of good quality, and practical. So the recipients can use them every day.

And they conveniently accept many payment modes but, unfortunately, not PayPal.

We recommend them for fun and practical gifts, but if you want a bouquet to come with your gift, you have to look elsewhere, as they don’t offer flowers and plants here.


  • Affordable gifts
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Gives reward points
  • Open all week


  • Some items can be pricey
  • Doesn’t take PayPal
  • No flowers or plants

8. Balloons by the Bunch

Balloons by the Bunch's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.balloonsbythebunch.org/

Specialty: Stylish balloons for all occasions

Contact details: 806-796-0178 |[email protected]

Balloons make a jolly gift and display for a special event. You can get them from Balloons by the Bunch who can promptly deliver them to an address or event venue in Lubbock.

You can request balloons of certain types, designs, and colors from them. Speaking of balloon type, they mostly do balloon arches, columns, and canopies.

Besides balloons, they also sell gift baskets filled with simple snacks, chips, a stuffed animal, and refreshments to make the celebrant’s day!

Since this company doesn’t have an online store yet, you’d have to call them to order. Furthermore, as they’re closed on Sundays, balloons have to be ordered in advance for Sunday parties, proms, or other special events.


  • Specializes in balloon bouquets and arches
  • Makes simple gift baskets


  • Closed on Sundays
  • Their online shop isn’t set up yet
  • Takes phone orders only

9. Gift Basket Connection

Gift Basket Connection's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.gift-basket-connection.com/

Specialty: Fabulous chocolate and fruit baskets

Price: $33.99 – $127.50

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay

Gift Basket Connection is a retailer of chocolate gift baskets and towers, flowers, balloons, and cakes in Lubbock, Texas.

We chose them to be on our top Lubbock gift shop list because of their satisfying chocolate baskets and affordable prices. 

That said, the gifts here can look quite ordinary and common, as opposed to those of other stores.

They can ship the gift basket on the same or the next day of the order placement. But if you are trying to call them, the staff can be slow to respond at times due to the high volume of orders they get daily.


  • Same-day gift delivery
  • Large gift catalog
  • Great rates
  • Ships globally
  • Gives a satisfaction guarantee


  • Common gift designs
  • Slow to reply sometimes

10. Marble & Company

Marble & Company's Homepage

Shop link: https://marbleandcompany.com/

Specialty: Colorful flower ensembles

Price: $65 – $500

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Marble & Company is a flower design and event specialist in Lubbock led by Kelly Marble. She has many years of experience and has done thousands of events in the floral industry.

She and her team are keen to work with you and can adeptly design flowers or flower decor for your special one for any occasion, particularly birthdays and weddings.

Unfortunately, on their website, the flower selection is small.

We also don’t like that their Designer’s Choice and funeral tributes have plain descriptions, only mentioning the name of the arrangement and the sizes available. 

It would have been better if their descriptions also included the flowers used in the arrangement.

Also, we found their rates to be on the expensive side here. And at the time of writing, they don’t offer any discounts for customers.


  • Same-day flower delivery
  • Makes wedding flowers
  • Gives a satisfaction guarantee


  • Not many pre-designed flowers
  • Pricey rates
  • Don’t give discounts
  • Closed on Sundays

Lists of Gift Delivery Shops

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