9 Best US Shops with Jade Plants for Sale

The 9 Best US Shops with Jade Plants for Sale

The easy-to-grow jade plant (row 298 – plant delivery Chicago) is truly fascinating. As you may know, jade plants are also called money plants or trees, being associated with abundance, success, and good luck in Chinese culture.

You can pick up one for yourself or order online from certain nurseries and florists to be delivered to someone as a gift. To help you with getting one, we carefully selected the 10 best US shops with jade plants for sale!

Disclaimer: This article may contain links from affiliates. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. While we have not tested out the products of every single shop on this list, this selection is based on our research using a 10-point checklist. You can read about our selection system here.

Comparison Table: Jade Plant Delivery Prices

Plant ShopFeatured Jade PlantPriceProsConsDelivery
Rooted$16 – $25Ships anywhere in the contiguous US, plants are sourced directly from the greenhouse, extensive plant selection, offers many payment optionsSlightly higher plant rates, no same-day deliveryFrom $4
Terrain$14 – $64Specializes in trailing jade plants, tons of garden, home decor, and gift items, gives discountsHigher delivery fees, doesn’t accommodate international orders$7.95 – $77.95
Mountain Crest Gardens$3.99 – $11.99Multiple delivery options, offers wonderful jade plant varieties, economical rates, 14-day quality guarantee, gives couponsDoesn’t ship internationally, only has dwarf jade plant speciesFrom $7.99 – $349.99, free for orders worth over $45
Urban Stems$65 and $70Elegant jade plants, free delivery for all orders worth over $120, delivers nationwide, wide range of payment modes, gives discountsPricey rates, free delivery requires you to spend at least $120+Calculated on checkout, free for orders worth over $120
Woodies Garden Goods$10.95 – $34.95Solidly affordable prices, plants are sourced directly from the farm, great jade plant selection, gives discountsFree delivery requires you to spend at least $120+, takes fewer payment modesCalculated on checkout, free for orders worth over $125
From You Flowers$54.39 – $119.99Offers bonsai, dwarf, and trio jade plants; can deliver internationally; includes a special card message; wide range of payment modes; gives email offersRelatively high rates, plain-looking pot vesselsCalculated on checkout
Pro Flowers$35 – $45Great prices, same-day plant delivery, farm-fresh plants, delivers across America and Canada, gives discounts onlineSmaller jade plants, plain-looking pot vesselsCalculated on checkout
Walmart$5.99 to $72.99Sells rarer jade plant varieties, fast delivery times, different plant price points, gives discountsDoesn’t take PayPal, can’t deliver on the weekendsCalculated on checkout
Planet Desert$4.99 – $11.99Quick delivery times (1 to 4 days), has both large and small jade plants, delivers nationwide, gives discounts, guaranteed client satisfactionDeson’t accommodate international orders, payment modes aren’t indicatedCalculated on checkout

Best US Shops with Jade Plants for Sale

1. Urban Stems

Urban Stems Homepage

Shop link: https://urbanstems.com/

Speciality: Stylish jade plants on ceramic pots

Price: $65 and $70

Delivery fee: Calculated on checkout, free for orders worth over $120

Payment methods: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and Affirm

Founded in 2014, Urban Stems is a respected floral and plant shop headquartered in Washington, DC.

They have a wealth of freshly sourced flowers, cacti, and succulents for your garden or for gifting someone special. You can also browse their complete gift basket, food, and garden items online.

Style is emphasized here at Urban Stems. Their jade plants don’t look ordinary, like they come from anywhere, but are designed with care and effort.

Take, for instance, take their The Dakota, which is a 6-inch jade plant standing on a neat rattan ceramic vessel, costing $70.

Also, the cool and more affordable $65 The Louie is wonderful coming in an exquisite black-gray ceramic container. This plant can be given as a casual or housewarming gift.

You’re in luck if you live in Washington or New York, as they can ship the plant on the same day. But if your friend lives much further from these states, don’t worry, as they can receive it the next day.


  • Elegant jade plants
  • Free delivery for all orders worth over $120
  • Delivers nationwide
  • Wide range of payment modes
  • Gives discounts


  • Pricey rates
  • Free delivery requires you to spend at least $120+

2. From You Flowers

From You Flowers Homepage

Shop link: https://www.fromyouflowers.com/

Speciality: Various jade plant kinds and sizes

Price: $54.39 – $119.99

Delivery fee: Calculated on checkout

Payment methods: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay

From You Flowers is an online plant retailer offering plants, flowers, and gift baskets for a wide range of occasions.

Together, their staff has over 35 years of experience in the floral industry. This has resulted in a perfect range of products, design capabilities, and knowledgeable customer service, which their clients can attest to.

They have more options for jade plants here: There are potted dwarf varieties, bonsais, and trio sets here for you to pick from.

However, we suggest getting their bonsai jade plants because this is what they specialize in. Also, these plants will give a quaint appeal and ambiance to your house and are lower-priced than those sold elsewhere.

Do you want to send this as a gift to someone? Perfect! The jade plant will be shipped in a presentable gift box with your card message on it. 

By the way, same-day and international delivery are available at this shop.


  • Offers bonsai, dwarf, and trio jade plants
  • Can deliver internationally
  • Includes a special card message
  • Wide range of payment modes
  • Gives email offers


  • Relatively high rates
  • Plain-looking pot vessels

3. Pro Flowers

Pro Flowers Homepage

Shop link: https://www.proflowers.com/

Speciality: Affordable jade plants

Price: $35 – $45

Delivery fee: Calculated on checkout

For a simple, long-lasting jade plant that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, go for Pro Flowers.

Their jade plant is smaller at 4 to 5 inches tall and displayed in a plain white ceramic vessel. The best part is it only currently costs $35.

Just add ten bucks and you’ll also get a lovely pop-up rainbow bridge card that’s perfect to cheer up someone downhearted or recovering at a hospital.

Furthermore, there are heaps of vibrant flowers and other lovely plants for sale on their website. It’s noted below the product name whether they ship from the florist or directly from their farm, with the latter making the gift more pristine.

With Pro Flowers, you can send a jade plant quickly throughout America (except Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada. Ordering before 2:00 PM from Monday to Sunday will entitle you to same-day delivery.


  • Great prices, same-day plant delivery
  • Farm-fresh plants
  • Delivers across America and Canada
  • Gives discounts online


  • Smaller jade plants
  • Plain-looking pot vessels

4. Mountain Crest Gardens

Mountain Crest Gardens

Shop link: https://mountaincrestgardens.com/

Speciality: Bulk-order garden jade plants

Price: $3.99 – $11.99

Delivery fee: From $7.99 – $349.99, free for orders worth over $45)

Payment methods: Please call them for details

If you want the freshest and most value-giving dwarf jade plants, you can order from Mountain Crest Gardens!

This is a family-owned and run nursery specializing in succulents. Whether you’re looking for Crassula, Echeveria, Sedum, Sempervivum, or Haworthia, they can assist you.

One of the jade plants they offer is ET’s Fingers as shown in the above picture. This plant has bright pink tips on each of its leaves, thus inspiring its name. 

And since it only costs $5.49, you could get two or even three of them.

Another great option is the Gollum jade named after the greedy villain in The Lord of the Rings due to its unusual shape and small size. This particular one is beautiful, with curving suction tips that turn red in the sun.

Their standard shipping takes 2 to 4 days and is free. The shop also has express overnight and two-day options, but you’ll have to spend more on them.


  • Multiple delivery options
  • Offers wonderful jade plant varieties
  • Economical rates
  • 14-day quality guarantee
  • Gives coupons


  • Doesn’t ship internationally
  • Only has dwarf jade plant species

5. Woodies Garden Goods

Woodies Garden Goods Homepage

Shop link: https://gardengoodsdirect.com/

Speciality: Well-rooted, healthy jade plants

Price: $10.95 – $34.95

Delivery fee: Calculated on checkout, free for orders over $125)

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and PayPal

Woodies Garden Goods has a wide assortment of farm-fresh plants, trees, shrubs, garden planters and tools, and home decor items.

Their plants are passionately hand-grown on their farm in Bowie, Maryland. When they get an order, they choose the freshest one from their garden and deliver it to the destination.

They have many jade plants at this store, including mini, variegated, and regular ones. They’re priced affordably from $10.95 to $34.95.

The regular jade plant looks just like the one in the photo above. It comes in a white planter with decorative stones for style and to prevent it from drying out in the heat.

Although they give a free shipping promo, you would have to spend over $130 on orders to be eligible for it. Also, you can transact with this online nursery using Visa, Amex, Mastercard, and PayPal.


  • Solidly affordable prices
  • Plants are sourced directly from their farm
  • Great jade plant selection
  • Gives discounts


  • Free delivery requires you to spend at least $120+
  • Takes fewer payment modes

6. Terrain

Terrain's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.shopterrain.com/

Speciality: Trailing and faux jade plants

Price: $14 – $64

Delivery fee: $7.95 – $77.95

Terrain is an established garden and home decor shop with several locations scattered across the US in California, Maryland, Connecticut, and Philadelphia.

At any rate, did you know that there are trailing or weeping varieties of jade plants? Well, Terrain has them and other plants that most nurseries don’t have!

One example of this is the trailing jade (Senecio jacobsenii or Kleinia petraea). Native to Kenya and Tanzania, it has a graceful falling form compared to the jade plant we’re very familiar with.

If you look closely, you’ll notice its rounded leaves have multiple colors. There are pale maroon, yellow, and red. 

It also comes in a tall brown pot that will elegantly blend with your tabletop, garden, or greenhouse.

Furthermore, the plant is incredibly hardy and easy to grow. It loves warm temperatures of 60℉ to 85℉, and you only have to water it when the soil has become dry to the touch.

Apart from that, the shop offers the same kind of jade plant in a copper container and faux jade plant stems, which you can use to decorate an event or wedding reception venue.


  • Specializes in trailing jade plants
  • Tons of garden, home decor, and gift items
  • Gives discounts


  • Cons: Higher delivery fees
  • Doesn’t accommodate international orders

7. Planet Desert

Planet Desert's Homepage

Shop link: https://planetdesert.com/

Speciality: Large and dwarf jade plants

Price: $4.99 – $11.99

Delivery fee: Calculated on checkout

Based in Southern California, Planet Desert is an acclaimed succulent and cacti retailer with years of experience.

Their large array of choices consists of air plants, 2-inch and large cacti and succulents, and cuttings for plant propagation.

Of course, they have a variety of jade plants at differing price points too. You can find variegated to large, crimson-hued, and Ripple Jades that can grow up to 8 feet in height. 

According to some buyers we chatted with, the plant they received was well-packaged and arrived promptly and securely. Speaking of delivery, they can ship the plant nationwide to your friend or loved one through USPS.


  • Quick delivery times (1 to 4 days)
  • Has both large and small jade plants
  • Delivers nationwide
  • Gives discounts
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction


  • Doesn’t accommodate international orders
  • Payment modes aren’t indicated

8. Rooted

Rooted's Homepage

Shop link: https://heyrooted.com/

Speciality: Vigorous Hobbit jade plants

Price: $16 – $25

Delivery fee: From $4

Payment methods: Amazon Pay, Amex, Apple Pay, Discover, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, Venmo, and Visa

The owners started Rooted in 2018 in order to share their love for plants and the scientifically backed benefits they can give. It also reminded them of the sunny, tranquil, and green landscapes in California and Hawaii, where they lived before.

Every day they grow a multitude of indoor and outdoor plants in their greenhouse. That’s why, unlike other shops, their plants come out fresh and healthy, which has resulted in having lots of return customers.

Currently, they have only two jade plants for sale. 

One of them is the trailing pothos kind, which is unfortunately sold out until further notice, but the other two are as lovely as ever.

One jade plant type comes in small and medium sizes (6 and 8 inches tall) costing $19 to $25, and the second is the seaweed-like Hobbit jade plant that’s 8 inches tall and costs slightly less at $16.

In general, delivery will take between 3 and 5 days within the contiguous US (48 states), so their service is a lot faster than that of competitor plant stores.


  • Ships anywhere in the contiguous US
  • Plants are sourced directly from the greenhouse
  • Extensive plant selection
  • Offers many payment options


  • Slightly higher plant rates
  • No same-day delivery

9. Walmart

Walmart's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.walmart.com/

Speciality: Rare varieties of jade plants

Price: $5.99 to $72.99

Delivery fee: Calculated on checkout

Payment methods: Credit cards, debit cards, Walmart credit and gift cards, and EBT

Walmart is another fantastic US retailer with different varieties and styles of jade plants for sale. In fact, we dare say that their selection rivals those of good nurseries in the nation.

To list some of them, they have the red-tipped, cactus-like Gollum jade, a best-selling jade plant sourced from Boston International (pictured above), baby jade, and a lot more!

The prices range greatly from $5.99 to $72.99 to accommodate all budget sizes.

Because this store has everything, you can also pick up new pots or containers to transfer the plant to when it gets delivered to you or sometime in the future when the jade plant grows bigger.

And we’d also like to add that the plant delivery here is quite fast and can go from 3 business days depending on the product you order.


  • Sells rarer jade plant varieties
  • Fast delivery times
  • Different plant price points
  • Gives discounts


  • Doesn’t take PayPal
  • Can’t deliver on the weekends

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