Birthday Registry FAQs

Birthday Registry FAQs

A birthday registry is extremely helpful for guests. It lets them know what sorts of gifts you want or need to be given to you at the agreed party venue.

That said, having it can make other people uneasy or judgmental toward you. After all, giving a gift is a custom but should not be forced on all the lovely people that are coming to your event.

And that’s why we made a short birthday registry FAQs guide for you, whether you are the celebrant or a guest. So look through them, as we might be able to answer your questions.

1) Should I include my gift list on the invitation?

Should I include my gift list on the invitation

It’s best not to include a gift list nor mention the word ‘gift’ or ‘presents’ on your invitation. It can come off as quite disrespectful and inappropriate.

However, you can mention that on your special Facebook page for your birthday or the website they can go to on your card.

And if someone asks whether you have a gift registry, you can say that you keep a wishlist to meet your needs or those of your children. This way, you can give them the impression you’re not expecting anything, which is apt and courteous.

2) How do I create a proper gift registry?

Plan to create a considerate gift registry? Here’s how you can do that:

  • List gifts at varying price points – Your guests will tend to have different gift ideas and have diverse budgets for them.

Furthermore, this can help them source and get a gift more conveniently and easily than if your listed gifts are of a specific price range or a certain kind.

  • Add gifts that don’t cost anything – Not all gifts have to be bought in a store. Some of them are already in the possession of the giver or one they can readily make.

Several examples of this include an art craft, a novel in good condition, a gift or recipe card, a special locket, and homemade goodies like pickles, jams, or cookies.

By listing gifts that don’t cost anything, you’re helping to give the giver an easier time. And it can also be nice and special if the gift is something the guest had made themselves.

  • List gifts that can be bought online or in-store – Some people frequently visit local shops or shop online. You’d want to make it as convenient and as hassle-free for them as possible.

3) Can I give a gift that’s not listed on the registry?

Can I give a gift that’s not listed on the registry

Yes indeed! The birthday registry acts as a gift guide for the giver, and that shouldn’t limit what gift they can give.

As the saying goes, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ You can give any gift so long as it’s decent and thoughtful for the celebrant.

4) Should I sign up for a birthday registry platform online?

If you want to. While an old-school birthday gift registry can do for you, it’s far easier to use a digital platform instead.

With a digital registry, you can organize your gift list for different occasions, create groups including your family, friends, or pets, and update it in real-time so your guests will know what item has already been purchased or given.

Note, however, that each platform differs in its features and advantages for the users depending on your chosen company.

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