Gerbera What do these joy-inducing flowers really mean

Gerbera: What do these joy-inducing flowers really mean?

Gerbera daisies are the fifth most popular flowers in the world, just behind roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips. With blooms that range from bright and cheerful to soft and romantic, it’s no wonder people love gifting and receiving them.

But gifting flowers can be more than just about sending beautiful blooms to your loved ones. You can also use them as a way to send secret messages that can warm their hearts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various meanings and cultural significance of gerbera daisies to make sure your next flower gift is more than just an eye-catching bouquet.

How did the gerbera flower get its name?

How did the gerbera flower get its name

Gerbera flowers were named after the German botanist and naturalist Traugott Gerber. The name was given to this flower in his honor by Jan Frederik Gronovius, the Dutch botanist who discovered the flowers in 1737.

What is the botanical origin of the gerbera flower?

What is the botanical origin of the gerbera flower

Gerbera is a genus of 22 flowering plants from the Asteraceae family. The flowers were originally from South Africa, but various species from Asia, North America, South America, and Australia have emerged over the years.

Gerbera flowers are considered relatively new compared to other flowers. They were first discovered in South Africa in 1737 but were only introduced worldwide in 1889.

J.D. Hooker was the first to publish a description of the flowers in Curtis’s Botanical Magazine. He mainly described the Gerbera jamesonii species, more commonly known as the African daisy.

Where and when do gerbera flowers grow? 

Gerbera are one of the top five most popular flowers worldwide, so they’re being cultivated almost everywhere in the world right now. However, the majority of the flowers still grow in South Africa.

Do gerbera flowers require a lot of maintenance?

Gerbera flowers, while not extremely high-maintenance, do require a moderate level of care to thrive and produce abundant blooms.

They need to be watered regularly, about once every 3 to 5 days. They don’t have much tolerance for drought, so follow a proper watering schedule.

They also need regular feeding during their growing season. Once a month, feeding with a water-soluble fertilizer that’s low in phosphorus is ideal for the flowers.

Do gerbera flowers need shade or sun?

Gerberas are sun-loving flowers, so keeping them in bright sunlight for at least 6 hours daily will produce the best blooms. 

That said, they can tolerate light afternoon shade if the sun is too hot. They can be very sensitive to heat, so always check their condition during hot days.

When do gerbera flowers bloom? 

Gerberas usually bloom during the warmer seasons of the year, typically from late spring to summer. Some may continue to bloom until early fall if the weather isn’t too cold.

What kind of soil do gerbera flowers prefer?

Gerbera daisies will thrive best in a well-draining, nutrient-rich soil that has a slightly acidic pH. Putting a lot of organic matter into the soil mix can help produce better-looking blooms.

When is the best time to plant gerbera flowers?

It’s usually recommended to plant gerbera in spring when the temperature is consistently at 41°F or above. Planting them around late April to early May should be good for the flowers.

What do gerbera flowers mean?

What do gerbera flowers mean

Gerbera flowers are often seen as symbols of happiness, cheerfulness, and celebration because of their bright and vibrant colors. They’re also widely associated with romantic feelings like love, admiration, and adoration.

However, like many other flowers, the interpretation of their meanings can vary depending on culture and personal contexts. 

Certain colors of the plants also carry specific meanings, so they should be considered when choosing the perfect gerbera gift.

What do the colors of gerbera flowers mean?

What do the colors of gerbera flowers mean
YellowThe bright and cheerful yellow gerberas are seen as symbols of happiness and friendship. They’re often exchanged to celebrate friendships.

Recommended use: Bring a couple of yellow gerberas on your next hang-out with your friends to let them know you appreciate your friendship.

OrangeOrange gerberas, with their bright and warm hues, are often associated with feelings of enthusiasm and energy.

Recommended use: Orange gerberas are perfect for celebrating milestones, including a new home, a new job, or a new business venture.

RedLike most red flowers, red gerberas symbolize love, passion, and desire. They’re often given to romantic partners to express devotion and deep love.

Recommended use: If you want flowers that can make your wife happy, a bouquet of red gerberas is your best bet. Slide in a note expressing your love, and it will make her day.

PinkPink gerberas represent adoration, admiration, and respect for someone. They can also convey your appreciation for one’s presence and gesture.

Recommended use: Pink gerberas are perfect for first dates. They’ll let your date know about your feelings.

PurplePurple gerberas symbolize elegance, nobility, pride, and beauty. They’re often used to express admiration for someone’s beauty.

Recommended use: Purple gerberas make great gifts for prom dates. They can make your date feel more confident about themselves, especially if you let them know what the flowers symbolize.

WhiteWhite gerberas are symbols of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. Their pristine white colors are a reminder of the pureness of someone’s heart.

Recommended use: Wedding bouquets made of white gerberas will surely turn heads. They can also make the bride stand out more.

What is the historical significance of gerbera flowers?

What is the historical significance of gerbera flowers
Ancient CultureSymbolism
NorseNorsemen used to associate gerbera daisies and every other species of daisies to Freya, the goddess of love, blessings, and fertility.

Because of this association, gerbera flowers were considered sacred flowers to the ethnolinguistic group.

CeltIn Celtic folklore and tradition, gerbera flowers were believed to have the ability to take away sorrow and the stresses of everyday life.

Their vibrant and cheerful blooms were thought to hold a special connection with the natural world, serving as messengers of comfort and solace.

As such, gerbera daisies were seen as symbols of happiness and comfort.

What is the cultural significance of the gerbera flower?

What is the cultural significance of the gerbera flower
EgyptianEgyptians observed that the gerbera flowers tend to turn their heads to follow the movement of the sun.

This action led them to associate gerberas with devotion to the sun and a close relationship with Mother Nature.

The flower has become a reminder for Egyptians to take good care of the environment.

EritreanGerbera daisies hold a special and esteemed status in the East African nation of Eritrea, where they are proudly recognized as the national flower.

What are the uses of the gerbera flower?

What are the uses of the gerbera flower

As an ornamental plant, gerberas are often used in gardening and floral crafts and arrangements. However, they also have some therapeutic properties that can help improve a person’s overall well-being.

Can gerbera flowers be used in medicine?

Can gerbera flowers be used in medicine

Yes, gerberas can be used in medicine. The flowers have a lot of therapeutic benefits that promote overall well-being. 

It’s also believed that they contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so a lot of people in the past used them to address respiratory conditions.

NASA recognizes the flowers as one of the best natural air filters among plants. They filter out harmful toxins in the air, creating a more pleasing atmosphere inside the house.

They’re also great oxygen producers, which helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide inside the room. This helps prevent headaches and drowsiness induced by excess carbon dioxide.

Gerberas were also traditionally used to treat menstrual pain and heal wounds, scratches, and sores.

How can gerbera flowers be used in floral crafts and arrangements?

How can gerbera flowers be used in floral crafts and arrangements

To use gerbera flowers in crafts and arrangements, you can make them into bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and more. You can also dry them up to make dried flower coasters, frames, candles, jewelry, and other dried flower crafts.

The flowers can last for 7 to 14 days when cut if they’re taken care of properly. This is much longer than other flowers with big blooms, like dahlias, so they’re often favored for vase arrangements.

Gerbera flowers can also be used to make elegant corsages and boutonnieres for special occasions like weddings, proms, and formal events. Some also use them to create beautiful floral crowns.

If you’re sending a gift to someone, you can also attach gerbera flowers in the gift wrap to make it more decorative.

How can gerbera flowers be used in gardening?

How can gerbera flowers be used in gardening

One way to use gerbera flowers in your garden is to plant them in beds with other flowers or along the edges of your pathways to separate them from the lawn. 

They have vibrant petals and their golden-speckled centers can light up any garden.

They make good stand-alone plants but can also be combined with other flowers for a pleasing visual combination. Planting them with other nectar plants creates a pollinator paradise, and your garden will brim with butterflies.

Gerberas can be used in rock gardens as these gardens usually have good drainage. Their vivid flowers create a beautiful contrast with the dark colors of rocks and stones.

They could also be great additions to cottage-style gardens as their cheerful flower heads fit in very well with this style’s casual and playful atmosphere.

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