How to Gift Battle Pass in Genshin Step-by-Step Guide

How to Gift Battle Pass in Genshin: Step-by-Step Guide

New to the world of Genshin Impact, where epic adventures and thrilling battles await? In this popular action role-playing game, there’s a special treat called the Battle Pass that unlocks exclusive rewards and bonuses as you conquer challenges. 

You can gift the Battle Pass to your friends or loved ones, spreading the joy of gaming!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll guide you through each step of gifting the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact. 

What is the Genshin Impact Battle Pass?

What is the Genshin Impact Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a thrilling seasonal progression system that Genshin Impact offers to its players. It acts as a gateway to bountiful rewards, waiting to be claimed by those who dare to take on the game’s challenges. 

As you engage in various in-game activities and complete quests, the Battle Pass tracks your progress, offering a range of enticing prizes in return. 

Now, let’s talk about those rewards: valuable items, character enhancement materials, and exclusive weapons are in store for you. 

These rewards not only enhance your gameplay experience but also serve as a testament to your dedication and achievements. 

Why Gift the Battle Pass

Why Gift the Battle Pass
  1. Sharing the Joy: Gifting the Battle Pass is like extending an invitation to a thrilling adventure in the world of Genshin Impact. 

Navigating the game’s immersive universe side by side is a wonderful way to bond and create shared memories.

  1. Expressing Appreciation: By bestowing this special gift upon them, you communicate that their presence in the game holds value and significance to you. 
  1. Building Community and Strengthening Bonds: This shared journey can build lasting connections that extend beyond the game itself.

How to Gift Battle Pass in Genshin

DifficultyEasy - Moderate
Number of Steps$6
Time Required5 - 10 minutes
Things NeededInternet connection, your friend’s Genshin Impact account, in-game currency or real money

While there is no direct gifting feature within the game to send the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact, players have found a workaround to gift the Battle Pass by logging into their friend’s account and making the purchase on their behalf. 

Here are the general steps involved:

Step 1: Coordinate with Your Friend

Coordinate with Your Friend

Discuss with your friend and obtain their consent to log into their Genshin Impact account to gift them the Battle Pass. Ensure that you have their account credentials (username and password) and their permission to access their account.

Step 2: Log in

Log in

Log in to the HoYoverse Top-Up Center “” using your friend’s credentials.

Step 3: Top Up

Top Up

After logging in, make sure all of the information displayed is correct and click “Top Up.”

Step 4: Select the Item

Select the Item

Select the Battle Pass you want to gift. A pop-up will appear and click on the blue icon with the amount to initiate the payment process.

Step 5: Pay


Fill out the necessary information, click “Continue,” and it’s all done!

Additional Tips and Considerations

Additional Tips and Considerations

As you prepare to gift the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact, there are a few important tips and considerations to keep in mind. Let’s explore them in detail:

  1. Region-Specific Restrictions and Account Requirements: It’s essential to be aware of any region-specific restrictions or account requirements that may impact the gifting process. 

Different regions may have varying rules and regulations regarding in-game transactions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these restrictions to ensure a smooth gifting experience.

  1. Sufficient Funds in Your Account: The Battle Pass comes with a cost, and you need to have enough in-game currency or real-world currency to complete the transaction successfully. 

Check your account balance and top up if needed to avoid any interruptions during the gifting process.

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