A Full Detailed Guide to Pink Flowers and Their Meanings

A Full Detailed Guide to Pink Flowers and Their Meanings

Many flowers like orchids and dahlias come in various shades of pink.

Like all colors, pink has a general meaning, but pink flower species each have certain meanings and symbolism too. And these are precisely what we’re going to discuss in this guide. 

As a bonus, we’ll tackle what pink flowers mean spiritually and what different numbers of pink roses mean.

What do pink flowers symbolize?

What do pink flowers symbolize

In general, pink flowers mean thoughtfulness, affection, and love for a friend, partner, parent, or teacher. Pink is also a color that represents child-like happiness and innocence.

And perhaps the most known of its meanings, pink flowers stand for femininity.

Darker pink blooms can also express gratefulness and best wishes for another person having a new baby, starting a new relationship, or getting a job promotion.

Meanwhile, pale pink flowers stand for a polite, gentle, refined, and kind attitude.

Furthermore, gifting pink flowers can convey different messages in a relationship and a friendship.

What do pink roses mean in a relationship?

What do pink roses mean in a relationship

Receiving or giving pink roses in a relationship means first love and admiration. They can also convey a light, carefree, playful, or flirtatious attitude.

However, pink roses may also be a sign of shyness, a lack of seriousness, and an inability to take action.

What do pink flowers mean in friendship?

Receiving or giving pink flowers from or to a friend means happiness, affection, warmth, and/or best wishes.

In particular, giving pink tulips lets someone know you care about them and wish them all the best in their job or their relationship.

And sending someone a bouquet of pink hyacinths symbolizes playfulness and joy. In this instance, the giver is happy and enjoys being in the company of their friend.

What pink flower means love?

What pink flower means love

Some pink flowers that mean love are roses, camellias, ranunculuses, dahlias, peonies, carnations, alstroemerias, and hyacinths.

1) Pink Roses – Pink roses mean love, adoration, fondness, and sweetness. They say to someone, “I’ll always love and respect you.”

Pink Roses

2) Pink Camellias – Pink camellias express a desire to see someone after having missed them for some time.

Pink Camellias

3) Pink Ranunculuses – Also called buttercups, pink ranunculuses convey being charmed by another person’s beauty, smile, or helpful attitude.

Pink Ranunculuses

4) Pink Dahlia – Soft pink dahlias express true love, fidelity, and commitment.

Pink Dahlia

5) Pink Peonies – Rivaling the beauty of roses, pink peonies are used as 12th-anniversary wedding flowers signifying marital bliss and abundance.

Pink Peonies

6) Pink Carnations – Pink carnations also express love, though not in a romantic way. It’s the love that one has for their mother, aunt, other close relatives, or friend.

Pink Carnations

7) Pink Alstroemerias – Pink alstroemerias portray a growing love, romance, and warmth among two friends. 

Pink Alstroemerias

8) Pink Hyacinths – Pink hyacinths symbolize fun, cheerfulness, and playfulness between two close friends. 

Pink Hyacinths

However, not most pink flowers mean love. There’s one that means a broken heart.

What pink flower means heartbreak?

What pink flower means heartbreak

The bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis), with its line of hanging heart-shaped pink and white blossoms, means an unreturned love or a failed relationship.

This meaning stems from an old Eastern legend.

In this Asian tale, a poor prince stabbed himself with a dagger after being rejected by the princess he loved. Bleeding heart flowers then sprang up from the ground where he died.

What do pink lilies symbolize?

What do pink lilies symbolize

Pink lilies embody womanhood, love, and adoration. They may also mean youth, beauty, and compassion.

Pink lilies can be given either wrapped or in a vase during a casual date, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or International Women’s Day.

What do pink tulips mean?

What do pink tulips mean

Pink tulips mean fondness, care, and best wishes.

They are a perfect gift for friends, teachers, mothers, grandmothers, or other close family members.

What do pink azaleas mean?

What do pink azaleas mean

Dark pink azalea flowers suggest love, romance, and passion.

These beautiful flowers especially look great in pots and planters or mixed with white blooms for that added elegance and appeal.

What do pink begonias mean?

What do pink begonias mean

Pink begonias mean love and romance, as they look similar to roses.

On the flip side, their pink scallop-like petals also symbolize distraction from your joy or ambition. 

Another negative connotation of this flower is it can signify that a new challenge or obstacle is coming.

What do cherry blossoms mean?

What do cherry blossoms mean

Cherry blossoms signify spring, death, and rebirth.

The meanings of death and rebirth are inspired by the cherry blossom tree’s life cycle. It sheds its flowers after just two weeks of blooming in spring.

Every year in spring, many people participate in cherry blossom tree viewing events in Japan.

The Meaning of Pink Roses and their Numbers

The Meaning of Pink Roses and their Numbers

The number of pink roses you give can mean or say different things. For example, three pink roses mean “I love you.”

What is the meaning of 3 pink roses?

Same as with red roses, three pink roses say, “I love you,” though in a somewhat familial or friendly way. 

What do 7 pink roses mean?

Seven pink roses show that you’re infatuated with someone.

Not many people know the meaning of seven pink roses, so it can be a discreet way to show you like someone.

What do 9 pink roses mean?

Nine pink roses say that you want to be with someone forever. Due to that, a bouquet of nine pink roses is usually given to a partner at an engagement or wedding event.

Numerologists associate the number nine with eternity.

What do 11 pink roses mean?

Giving or receiving 11 pink roses to or from someone can mean that you’ve both been through good and bad times. An 11-rose bouquet is a good gift for someone who has loved and supported you through times of need.

What do 15 pink roses mean?

What do 15 pink roses mean

15 pink roses convey an apology. One can give them if they are asking for forgiveness from a person they hurt or wronged.

What do 100 pink roses mean?

A bouquet of a hundred pink roses tells someone, “I’m completely devoted to you till I die.”

What do pink flowers mean spiritually?

What do pink flowers mean spiritually

The spiritual meanings of pink flowers are compassion, purity, and unconditional love.

Among the pink flowers, the pink lotus is perhaps the most important spiritual symbol. The Buddhists see its transformation from a bud to a flower as a representation of one’s spiritual journey.

Its look-alike flower, the pink water lily, also stands for rebirth because it closes at night and fully opens in the morning. The pink water lily also means peace, pleasure, and purity.

One other pink flower with a spiritual meaning is the pink carnation. In the Christian tradition, it stands for Mary’s love for Jesus, as depicted in the 16th-century painting The Madonna of the Pinks.

When are the perfect gifting occasions for pink flowers?

When are the perfect gifting occasions for pink flowers

Pink flowers are perfect to be given at a wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, prom, or party.

You can definitely give pink blossoms to your partner on Valentine’s Day or to a loving mother on Mother’s Day.

But you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to gift them. They can be appreciated on any regular day too!

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