What flower goes with your zodiac

What flower goes with your zodiac?

Show someone you care for them by gifting them their zodiac flower! Find the flower that represents their astrological sign below:

  • Aries – Honeysuckle
  • Taurus – Poppy
  • Gemini – Lavender
  • Cancer – White Rose
  • Leo – Sunflower
  • Virgo – Buttercup
  • Libra – Rose
  • Scorpio – Geranium
  • Sagittarius – Carnation
  • Capricorn – Pansy
  • Aquarius – Orchid
  • Pisces – Water Lily

Continue reading this guide to know more about your and your loved one’s zodiac sign and its corresponding flower. Find out what they say about you or your friend!

What is your flower based on your astrological sign?

Zodiac SignZodiac FlowerFlower Meaning
AriesHoneysuckleYouthfulness, passion, confidence, and cheerfulness
TaurusPoppyBeauty, strength, and resilience
GeminiLavenderVersatility, amiability, and unique charm
CancerWhite roseModesty, elegance, grace, and gentleness
LeoSunflowerJoy, cheerfulness, admiration, and dedication
VirgoButtercupAttractiveness, friendship, youthfulness, and purity
LibraRoseRomantic love, lavish beauty, passion, and courage
ScorpioGeraniumHappiness, thoughtfulness, and excellent health
SagittariusCarnationPlayfulness, admiration, and everlasting love
CapricornPansyDifferent kinds of love, nostalgia, and compassion
AquariusOrchidVariety, charm, joy, fertility, and hope
PiscesWater lilyPeace, tranquility, faith, celebration, and rebirth

1) Aries – Honeysuckle

Aries - Honeysuckle

Bold and beautiful, the honeysuckle is the zodiac flower for Aries people, who are born between March 21 and April 20.

This fantastic plant has double-lipped flowers that come in attractive colors of yellow, orange, and pink. Its fragrance is remarkable and strong like sweet jasmine with notes of calming vanilla.

Aries people are passionate and youthful. They aren’t afraid to go on exciting adventures, love fearlessly, and display their swagger.

They exude an air of contagious confidence and optimism, usually have a lot of friends, and love being the center of attention.

2) Taurus – Poppy

Taurus - Poppy

The astronomical sign of Taurus is depicted by the bull—which is strong, diligent, and hard-working. Taurus people are born between April 21 and May 21.

Their corresponding zodiac flower is the bright red poppy. These flowers have the strength and hardiness to grow even in poor and dry soil.

Some consider them weeds due to their invasive growth habit. But if controlled, they stand proud, simple, and beautiful like Taurus.

It’s great to be around Taurus people because they are incredibly helpful and reliable. This makes them excellent and trustworthy members of a team. 

Also, they’re mostly good-hearted and remain loyal to the people that are close to them.

3) Gemini – Lavender

Gemini - Lavender

Gemini babies’ zodiac flower is the fragrant lavender. 

Geminis are born from May 22 to June 21. In astrology, they are depicted as twins that depend a lot on each other.

Lavender consists of many pretty small flowers growing in a vertical cluster on a flexible stalk.

Gemini people don’t always go for the common and passé. They like something fresh and special, just like how the lavender flower looks.

Also, they are known for their friendly personality and energetic nature. They are as multi-faceted as lavender, which has many uses. 

The plant has various cosmetic and medicinal applications to alleviate or treat different symptoms like skin blemishes, asthma, stress, pain, and hair loss.

4) Cancer – White Rose

Cancer - White Rose

The zodiac sign Cancer is embodied by a crab. People born between June 22 and July 22 fall into this astrological sign. 

It’s one of the water and feminine elements of the zodiac. Depicted by a white rose, Cancers are said to be gentle, kind, and creative. 

They tend to be quieter and are usually great listeners to their friends or coworkers.

Although they are modest and reserved, don’t think of taking advantage of these people because like the white rose, you may get wounded by their thorns.

Don’t be put off that they’re unsociable at times. If you try to know them and are patient enough, you could find them to be a truly genuine, strong, and beautiful person.

5) Leo – Sunflower

Leo - Sunflower

With a name inspired by lions, Leos are confident, fierce, protective, kind, and generous. Being great leaders, they can take on huge responsibilities and influence or inspire those close to them.

Leos are sociable creatures like the Gemini. They came into this world between July 23 and August 22.

The zodiac flower of this powerful sign is the sunflower. True enough, if you are quite imaginative, you can see a lion’s head and mane when viewing a sunflower.

Sunflowers are known for their sun-tracking habit. Young sunflowers love getting the full brunt of it every day and turn to its direction. 

This characteristic reflects Leos’ loyal and dedicated personality. 

Leos are not bashful or self-conscious. They love being at the center of the action and give their very best every single time.

However, they can get feisty and argumentative at times and don’t listen quite as well as Virgos and Cancers do.

6) Virgo – Buttercup

Virgo - Buttercup

Virgo translates to “the maiden” in English. They are born between August 23 and September 22.

Youthful and enthusiastic with a helpful spirit, they love to serve and help people because it makes them feel happy and useful.

They are represented by the buttercup flower. It is a wonderful flower with subtly cupped petals and arching stems.

In general, Virgos are humble, industrious, practical, and a bit shy.

Make no mistake, though, they love to attend social events and get to know new people. They’re a true buttercup—beautiful but demure.

Virgos also often look anxious and stressed on the surface because they love to reflect and think a lot. And they’re often very practical and organized in doing their tasks or duties.

But deep down, they are caring, wise, and compassionate. Some Virgos can even have a funny side that you never realized before.

7) Libra – Rose

Libra - Rose

Born from September 24 to October 23, Libras are outgoing, friendly, and cool. They have a strong moral sense and seek harmony and balance in everything they do.

They firmly believe in and fight for justice or fairness in the world. That said, the flower rightly appointed for Librans is the rose. 

It’s not only divinely beautiful and popular but also tough and resistant to pests and diseases.

Librans can be hard to get along with at times, reminiscent of the rose thorns and the flower’s potential weed growth.

On top of that, they’re versatile like the rose coming in a large range of colors. Libras can amiably deal with people with different personalities.

8) Scorpio – Geranium

Scorpio - Geranium

You’re a Scorpio if you were born between October 24 and November 21. If you are, then your designated flower is the geranium.

Emotional and serious, Scorpios are the most intense people you can get to know. They’re represented by the scorpion and are one of the feminine water elements in the zodiac.

They often think through and use their keen intuition before they agree or disagree on an important matter. They love doing things perfectly and in their own ways.

True to themselves and the people around them, they prefer to keep a small circle of true friends rather than a large network of false friends, akin to geraniums growing in tight clusters.

Besides that, geraniums have numerous petals that are hard to keep tabs on. Similarly, Scorpios can be pretty quirky and show different sides of them. 

They love spontaneous activities because it’s more fun and natural to them than routine ones, and they may feel it’s the right or best thing to do at the moment.

9) Sagittarius – Carnation

Sagittarius - Carnation

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur wielding a bow. It’s one of the masculine fire elements of the zodiac. 

So there are two precise words that can describe Sagittarius people: dignified and strong. Born from November 22 to December 21, they are very much like their zodiac flower—the carnation.

With their playful ruffly petals and bright colors, carnations are regarded with admiration and excitement, especially in wedding posies and bouquets. They have a reputation for lasting very long, up to three weeks, if you care for them properly.

Sagittarius people love truly and madly, and they’re very patient like carnation blooms’ longevity. However, if you disappoint them, it can be hard to change their minds again.

What’s more, Sagittariuses are adventurous and love to be with other people, as reflected in some carnation flowers growing from multiple branches of a single stem.

You will find Sagittariuses strong and direct. Given this, they usually work as actors, lawyers, teachers, and businessmen.

10) Capricorn – Pansy

Capricorn - Pansy

Capricorns were born between December 22 and January 19. They are symbolized by the goat and are a feminine earth element.

Their zodiac flower is the lovely pansy.

Now of all the zodiac signs, Capricorn babies are the hardest working. They love to work hard and get rewarded for it.

Likewise, pansy seedlings need more time up to three weeks to germinate compared to other plants which take just one to two weeks. Moreover, they are fairly hardy and can withstand cold temperatures down to -10℉. 

Despite their strength, Capricorns can be fearful when it comes to love. Being analytical and responsible, they find love scary because it can’t entirely be in their control.

11) Aquarius – Orchid

Aquarius - Orchid

Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign and one of the oldest documented constellations. It is represented by a woman holding a jar of water.

Each year, this beauteous star formation appears from January 21 to February 19.

Described as unique, creative, and independent, Aquariuses are wonderfully symbolized by orchids.

Like the unique Aquarius, orchids don’t look like most flowers, growing a series of large petaled flowers secured on a flexible stem. They have their own charm and beauty in various patterns and hues.

So if you know someone who is thoughtful and charming, orchids, with their many colors, can be the perfect gift.

Aquariuses are usually silent and intelligent, and they can find smart solutions for certain problems. 

Plus, they hate to be categorized and kept inside a box. Rather, they want to shine and do things freely. 

This love for freedom and unpredictability can be seen in orchids too. For example, Phalaenopsis orchids can bear from just two flowers to as incredibly many as a hundred.

12) Pisces – Water Lily

Pisces - Water Lily

The last zodiac sign is Pisces, for everyone that was born from February 20 to March 20.

Pisces’ special flower is the water lily, which is a perfect symbol for Pisces, as it’s also a water element.

It’s interesting to know or form a relationship with a Pisces. This is because they are sensitive to others.

Rather than analyze things a lot like Capricorns and Virgos, they just trust their intuition and go with the flow. They let things unfold naturally as they happen like the water lily.

They daydream a lot and follow their bliss. They are happy to achieve their goals every day or work toward an ambition.

Due to this, they make excellent artists of all sorts, be it in the cinema, writing room, sculpting studio, or barber shop.

Being a lover, not a fighter, Pisces people mostly have a rich spiritual life comparable to the water lily’s spiritual essence. So they usually are gentle, calm, and understanding people.

Is it important to know your zodiac flower?

Like with birthstones, you’re not required to know your zodiac flower at all. But it can be nice to know a friend’s or a loved one’s zodiac flower if you want to find the perfect gift for them.

Doing so might get you better odds that your present will perfectly complement the recipient’s unique character.

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