10 Best Shops for Gift Delivery in Brooklyn

The 11 Best Shops for Gift Delivery in Brooklyn

If you’re searching for a gift to send to a friend or parent in Brooklyn, right on, since the neighborhood has a lot of sweet gifts to offer—like clothing, bouquets, and gift hampers.

To help you with this, we collated a list of the very best shops for gift delivery in Brooklyn. These have great products, amiable staff, and a convenient buying process, among other advantages.

In addition, we listed their pros and cons and prices to help you find out which one you to order from with gifts that are suitable for your budget and needs.

But for gift stores that deliver across New York City, you can view this list instead. 

Disclaimer: This article may contain links from affiliates. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. While we have not tested out the products of every single shop on this list, this selection is based on our research using a 10-point checklist. You can read about our selection system here.

Comparison Table: Gift Delivery Prices in Brooklyn

Gift ShopBestsellerPriceProsConsDelivery
Swerseys Chocolate$49.90 – $214Free shipping on select items, specializes in chocolates and gift baskets, decent rates, great customer serviceDelivery policy isn’t indicated, doesn’t take American ExpressFree for select products
Good4U Gift Baskets$62.99 – $131.99Healthy and organic gift baskets, same-day delivery available, ships worldwide, takes corporate orders, live chat supportRates are mostly expensive, payment methods aren’t indicatedFree for purchases over $100
Paradise Flower Shop$35 – $114Makes classic-style bouquets, free next-day local delivery, can deliver on the same day, good gift basket range, guarantees client’s satisfactionNo weekday same-day delivery, pricey gift baskets, doesn’t accept PayPalFrom free to $10
Soo Many Baskets$82.95 – $149.95Specializes in premium wine baskets, same-day delivery service, accepts major credit cards, takes bulk ordersHigh rates, no weekday same-day delivery, doesn’t accept PayPalFrom free (for purchases worth $100) to $35
Edible Arrangements$7 – $1,999.99Offers same-day delivery, nationwide delivery, live chat support, gives sign-up discounts, open all weekCustomer service needs improvement, delivery can be late, the snacks can be allergenic (may have nuts, wheat, eggs, and/or soy as ingredients)Starts at $9.99
Park Delicatessen$6 – $186Next-day delivery service, nice catalog of quality gifts, picture-perfect flowersSmall flower selection; delivery is unavailable on Monday and Sunday; doesn’t deliver wrapped bouquets, only pickupFrom $10 to $42
Marine Florists$59.95 – $249.95Offers same-day or rush flower delivery, has a grand array of gifts, gives plenty of deals, open seven days a weekDue to website hosting services, you will be subjected to a $9.99 fee plus tax which cannot be waived when orders are processedThey offer a cheaper delivery option if people come in, call or use their site from $0 depending on location and date.
With Love, From Brooklyn$75 – $125Sells artisanal food gift boxes, offers next-day gift delivery, excellent customer service, takes corporate ordersNo same-day delivery, pricey delivery feeStarts at $15
Giftsnideas$22.35 – $172.80Offers same and next-day delivery, colossal gift selection, secure online transactions, multiple payment modesExpensive rates, doesn’t take PayPal, delivery or replies can be slowerCalculated at checkout
Bake Me a Wish!$7 – $52Tasty and fresh cakes, offers free shipping promos sometimes, spam-free verified site, same-day delivery available, also offers gift basketsMay not be able to deliver the same day due to high demand, payment options aren’t indicated, closed on the weekendsCalculated at checkout
Rococo DesignFrom $1.40Versatile home fragrances, spa & bath products, home accents & tabletops, pillows, Extensive range of products availableWebsite could be improvedCalculated at checkout

Best Shops for Gift Delivery in Brooklyn

1. Marine Florists

Marine Florists Homepage

Shop link: https://www.marineflorists.com/

Specialty: Bright and cherry blooms

Price: $59.95 – $249.95

Delivery fee: They offer a cheaper delivery option if people come in, call or use their site from $0 depending on location and date.

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, Amex, PayPal, Apple Pay

Since its foundation in 1898, Marine Florists has proven itself as one of the leading gift delivery shops in Brooklyn.

They have a lot of new and returning customers here. Their selection is large and diverse, and their flowers are fresh, lovingly made, and reasonably priced.

We like their vibrant and cheery floral style and creativity. One of their arrangements has a cute small bear in the middle. 

Also, they have all sorts of gifts from fresh houseplants to snack baskets.

Marine Florists accepts same-day and rush orders bound for Brooklyn, New York City, or abroad.


  • Offers same-day or rush flower delivery
  • Has a grand array of gifts
  • Gives plenty of deals
  • Open seven days a week


  • Due to website hosting services, you will be subjected to a $9.99 fee plus tax which cannot be waived when orders are processed

2. Swerseys Chocolate

Swerseys Chocolate's Homepage

Shop link: https://swerseys.com/

Speciality: Irresistible chocolate towers

Price: $49.90 – $214

Delivery fee: Free for select products

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Skrill

Do you have someone in your life who’s a sweet tooth? Well, maybe, you’d want to surprise them with a box or a tower of delectable chocolates on their birthday or during a holiday!

Swerseys Chocolate is a great shop with plenty of options for you. They even offer festive gift baskets, pastries, dried fruit and nuts, and wine.

We think that their goods are affordable and romantic. Certain items you can buy from them are eligible for free shipping, giving you more bang for your buck.

Plus, previous clients told us how their items were fresh and well-packaged and the crew was very easy and kind to deal with. That made us feature them in this top list.

As for their downsides, they don’t accept American Express credit cards and their delivery policy isn’t indicated on their website.


  • Free shipping on select items
  • Specializes in chocolates and gift baskets
  • Decent rates
  • Great customer service


  • Delivery policy isn’t indicated
  • Doesn’t take American Express

3. Park Delicatessen

Park Delicatessen's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.parkdelibk.com/

Speciality: Vase flowers and kids’ skateboarding apparel

Price: $6 – $186

Delivery fee: From $10 to $42

Park Delicatessen is a small and groovy gift shop situated in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Interestingly, the space was previously occupied by a German delicatessen.

Although Park Delicatessen has a relatively small selection of gifts, it has wonderful niche items such as vase flowers, clothing, dry goods, and skateboards. And they’re quality-made with local and international brands alike.

If you have a young or teen kid, nephew, or niece, perhaps you can pick up a gift from their catalog, which would be cool and fashionable—just what the borough is known for.

But, unfortunately, they don’t have many gifts for adults except for their super lovely and eclectic flower ensembles. Also, they don’t deliver gifts on Monday and Sunday.


  • Next-day delivery service
  • Nice catalog of quality gifts
  • Picture-perfect flowers


  • Small flower selection
  • Delivery is unavailable on Monday and Sunday
  • Doesn’t deliver wrapped bouquets
  • Only pickup

4. Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements Homepage

Shop link: https://www.ediblearrangements.com/

Speciality: Choco-dipped strawberries and fruit arrangements

Price: $7 – $1,999.99

Delivery fee: Starts at $9.99

Payment methods: Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, Amazon Pay, and PayPal

Edible Arrangements has a ton of sweet treats presented with style for anyone and any occasion. 

Try the refreshing Pineapple Bouquet, the Decadent Cheesecake and Dessert Platter, and the Magical Birthday Bundle with artistically striped strawberries and a nice unicorn plush.

Plus, ordering is very easy with this shop, according to the buyers we have interviewed. The prices are fair, and you can get sweet discounts for certain chocolate or fruit arrangements.

That said, some people criticized their customer service and late deliveries. We think it’s important to note these so you can avoid service hiccups if you transact with them.


  • Offers same-day delivery
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Live chat support
  • Gives sign-up discounts
  • Open all week


  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Delivery can be late
  • The snacks can be allergenic (may have nuts, wheat, eggs, and/or soy as ingredients)

5. Paradise Flower Shop

Paradise Flower Shop's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.paradiseflowershoppe.com/

Speciality: Classic and autumn flower bouquets

Price: $35 – $114

Delivery fee: From free to $10

Payment methods: Visa, Amex, Discover, Mastercard, and Apple Pay

Based on Coney Island Avenue, Paradise Flower Shop offers free local flower delivery. It specializes in crafting traditional flower arrangements for a wide variety of occasions and events.

Whether you’re going for roses, lilies, sunflowers, or daisies to gift your best friend or boss, they can make a custom one for you.

We’d like to note that they have several gift baskets, although they’re quite expensive. These include the Indulgence Spa, Sweet Treats, and Snack Attack baskets, to name a few.

Same-day flower delivery is available with them but only on weekdays, while next-day local shipping is possible daily and free of charge.


  • Makes classic-style bouquets
  • Free next-day local delivery
  • Can deliver on the same day
  • Good gift basket range
  • Guarantees client’s satisfaction


  • No weekday same-day delivery
  • Pricey gift baskets
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal

6. Soo Many Baskets

Soo Many Baskets Homepage

Shop link: https://www.soomanybaskets.com/

Speciality: Wine gift baskets

Price: $82.95 – $149.95

Delivery fee: From free (on purchases worth $100) to $35

Payment methods: Amex, Diner’s Club, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa

Many people will agree that a real celebration isn’t complete without wine or champagne. Drinking a glass of these lets us savor the occasion more with the ones we love and care about.

If you have a friend who has invited you to a Thanksgiving party, has been promoted, or is going to get married soon, a premium wine box coming from Soo Many Baskets can be a fitting present.

Just a few of our favorites from their stocks are the Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rose, Veuve Clicquot Set, and Wine, Sweets, and Flowers gift boxes.

Though these cost upwards of $100, there are other more affordable options available. Thankfully, you don’t have to shoulder all costs, as buying above this amount entitles you to free shipping.

Same-day shipping is available but only from Monday to Friday.


  • Specializes in premium wine basket
  • Same-day delivery service
  • Accepts major credit cards
  • Takes bulk orders


  • High rates
  • No weekday same-day delivery
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal

7. With Love, From Brooklyn

With Love, From Brooklyn's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.withlovefrombrooklyn.com/

Speciality: Local artisan gift boxes for any occasion

Price: $75 – $125

Delivery fee: Starts at $15

With Love, From Brooklyn offers high-quality gourmet gift boxes packed with artisanal food and treats sourced from top local manufacturers.

It’s owned and led by Dara Furlow, a proud Brooklynite and a Culinary Institute of America graduate. You can therefore expect that the taste of the food in the basket is natural and flavorsome.

They have expertly and carefully curated a range of food gift boxes to match different tastes, budgets, and occasions. There aren’t very many products at this shop compared to other shops, though.

As they take the time to ensure the beauty, quality, and flavor of their boxes, the fastest option is next-day delivery. And indeed, it will take even longer for them to ship to farther locations like the East Coast, for instance.


  • Sells artisanal food gift boxes
  • Offers next-day gift delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Takes corporate orders


  • No same-day delivery
  • Pricey delivery fee

8. Giftsnideas

Giftsnideas Homepage

Shop link: https://www.giftsnideas.com/

Speciality: Lovely flowers, cakes, and plush bears

Price: $22.35 – $172.80

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diner’s Club, Discover, UKash, Neteller, GiroPay, Poli, and Sofort

Not sure what gift you’d want to buy for your lucky one in Brooklyn? If that’s true, then Giftsnideas has your back!

The primary gifts it offers are flowers, cakes, chocolates, and teddy bears. They’re expensive, though, considering that Giftsnideas is an international gift retailer.

At any rate, their order processing time and delivery are quite fast, and you can opt for the gift to be sent on the same or next day. But because many people are ordering every day, customer replies and assistance by the staff can be slow. 

The good news is that their online website is secured by Go Daddy. You can choose from plenty of payment modes with them, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex, but not Paypal.


  • Offers same and next-day delivery
  • Colossal gift selection
  • Secure online transactions
  • Multiple payment modes


  • Expensive rates
  • Doesn’t take PayPal, delivery or replies can be slower

9. Bake Me a Wish!

Bake Me a Wish!'s Homepage

Shop link: https://www.bakemeawish.com/

Speciality: Mouthwatering gourmet cakes and brownies

Price: $7 – $52

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

For all things sweet such as cakes, pies, brownies, and cookies, Bake Me a Wish is one of the best bakeries that ship to Brooklyn.

The staff use only the freshest and finest ingredients to make the cakes. “The vanilla bean cake was actually perfect and made my mom over the moon, said one buyer we talked to recently.

Whether you like classic (like tiramisu or black forest) or unique flavors (like peanut butter and chocolate peppermint), they can make and personalize a cake for your friend or kin.

There’s no problem concerning delivery, as they can do it across the nation—to homes, military bases, offices, hospitals and other places. And they can deliver until night time but only from Monday to Friday.

As a bonus, they sometimes offer a free-shipping promo, so you’re lucky if you catch that. 

But be aware that they’re usually in high demand, so they recommend you to schedule the cake to arrive before your friend or family member’s birthday, preferably a day or two.


  • Tasty and fresh cakes
  • Offers free shipping promo at times
  • Spam-free verified site
  • Same-day delivery available
  • Also offers gift baskets


  • May not be able to deliver the same day due to high demand
  • Payment options aren’t indicated on the website
  • Closed on the weekends

10. Good4U Gift Baskets

Good4U Gift Baskets Homepage

Shop link: https://good4yougiftbaskets.com/

Speciality: Wholesome gift baskets

Price: $62.99 – $131.99

Delivery fee: Free for purchases over $100

Good4U Gift Baskets offers a unique line of gift baskets that are fresh and healthy. The shop offers vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher, and other diet-specific food baskets.

Most of them contain fruit, cheese, dried nuts, snacks, and/or tea. Furthermore, there are even wine, beer, and spirit food baskets for those who want to celebrate or indulge a little bit.

Though their rates are mostly expensive, you can find lighter-priced alternatives so your pocket won’t hurt as much. And don’t you worry. If you buy an item over $100, the shipping fee will be waived for you.

Overall, the company is good in terms of its product and service, as clients can attest to. But it would be nice if their payment modes are displayed online so buyers will know which one they can use.


  • Healthy and organic gift baskets
  • Same-day delivery available
  • Ships worldwide
  • Takes corporate orders
  • Live chat support


  • Rates are mostly expensive
  • Payment methods aren’t indicated

11. Rococo Design

Shop link: https://pillowthrowandtuck.com/

Specialty: Home Furnishings

Price: From $1.40

Delivery fee: Calculated upon Checkout

Payment methods: American Express, Apple Pay, Discover VISA, PayPal, MasterCard

Even though Rococo Design is an interior design firm that provides clients with beautifully designed homes, they also sell have home furnishing items clients may need to further create a home up to their preferences and needs.

What we like about them is their pretty extensive range of products that can be given as a gift to your loved one.

Since they specialize in home furnishings, if you are thinking of giving a gift to someone who has a new home or who just got their house renovated, their shop is the perfect one for you.

Aside from home decorations, they also offer items that are great to use when you want to relax and chill. Their home fragrances plus their bath products will absolutely make you feel like you are in a spa!

Another reason why we prefer them is because of how often they have items on sale where you can literally save up to $14 .


  • Versatile home fragrances, spa & bath products, home accents & tabletops, pillows
  • Extensive range of products available


  • Website could be improved

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