A Basic Guide to Black Lotus Flower Meaning

The black lotus holds a strong meaning of power, insurgence, rebirth, and mystery. It’s the complete opposite of the elegant white lotus.

This flower doesn’t grow naturally, but it has been widely represented in Hindu sacred texts and other religious relics.

Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to know about the black lotus flower. So let’s now dive into its powerful meanings and symbolism concerning some cultures and religions.

The Cultural Meanings of the Black Lotus Flower

The Cultural Meanings of the Black Lotus Flower

It’s not surprising that the black lotus flower has taken on a supernatural and mysterious meaning, given its perfectly bold yet quiet hue.

Let’s see how the black lotus flower is regarded by various societies and religious beliefs:

In Buddhism

The lotus flower is symbolic of spiritual awakening in Buddhism. All of its flower colors and growing phases reflect the person’s inner state as they bloom spiritually.

You often see the Buddha sitting on a pink, purple, or white lotus flower. Rising above the “dirty water” of desire and fear, the lotus stands for transcendence.

In Hinduism

To Hindus, black is the absence of light and it’s a color that stands for death, darkness, wisdom, power, and rebellion.

Black also suggests rebirth because rebirth follows from death. They believe in samsara or reincarnation wherein each person goes through the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

The black lotus is a venerated symbol in Hinduism. In particular, black represents great Indian deities and mythological persons like Krishna, Draupadi, and Arjuna.

In Christianity

The Bible mentions the white lotus flower a number of times and regards it highly. The flower carries the profound meaning of creation, purity, and innocence.

So while Christian symbolism puts more emphasis on the white lotus, one can attribute persecution, death, and rebirth to the black lotus. These three are found in Jesus’ story.

Moreover, as Jesus is said to have encouraged people to have faith to know the truth of life, the black lotus can also represent the difficult search for it.

In Ancient Egypt

Lotuses were a common subject in Egyptian caves, illustrated in hieroglyphics. The flower was depicted as sprouting from the source of all waters called Nun, from which the great Egyptian sun god, Ra, was born.

Thus, Ancient Egyptians associated lotus flowers with the sun and rebirth. 

What’s more, in the Book of the Dead, it’s said that the people who have passed on are transformed by death into lotus flowers.

And as black is the opposite of white, we can safely deduce that black lotuses recall images of darkness, and in turn, the moon, which only comes out at night.

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