How much does peace lily cost?

USA florists typically sell smaller 10-inch peace lilies for less than $25 and larger, fully grown 1 to 3-feet peace lilies between $50 and $150.

Luckily, soil and pottery are already included with these prices. So all that’s left for you to do is take the plant home or pay extra to have it delivered to your loved one as a thoughtful gift.

As you might want to compare different shop prices at a glance, we’re going to first compile them in a table and then look at the specific factors that affect them.

An Overview of Peace Lily Prices Sold by Florists

An Overview of Peace Lily Prices Sold by Florists

Below is a table showing the prices charged by different leading florists in America. These prices are arranged from lowest to highest.

FloristPeace Lily CostsDelivery Costs
Etsy$11 - $97Depends on the merchant
Garden Goods Direct$24.95 - $79.95Calculated at checkout
From You Flowers$39.99 - $55.99Calculated at checkout
Teleflora$52.24 - $99.74Calculated at checkout
FlowerBX$53.76 - $80Free - $20
FTD$60Calculated at checkout
ProFlowers$60 - $80Calculated at checkout
Lively Root$86 - $187Calculated at checkout, free shipping for orders worth over $48
Léon and George$139From $5

Factors That Affect Peace Lily Rates

As you have seen on the table before this section, prices for peace lilies differ. The reason for this is not all peace lilies sold by florists are the same.

So these are the main factors that affect their prices:

  • Peace Lily Size

Bigger peace lilies naturally cost higher owing to the fact that they bring more impact aesthetically, are harder to maintain, and need a bigger vessel. 

The merchant has the right to charge a higher rate for these plants since he expended money, time, and effort in taking care of them.

As mentioned earlier, most peace lilies grown and sold on the market measure 1 to 3 feet or 10 inches tall and across.

  • Peace Lily Variety

There are roughly 40 peace lily varieties, including amazing dwarf and giant variants. There are also those with regular color and those with rarer, variegated hues.

The bigger they are, the rarer, and sometimes, the more beautiful they are, the more expensive they will cost.

  • Custom Options and Add-ons

Before you check out your order online, you can choose from different customization options.

For example, you can select your desired plant size, pot kind and color to match your home’s interior, and nice wooden stands for convenience. Some great containers are handcrafted ceramic planters, eco-pots, and wicker baskets

  • Delivery Fee

Usually, the delivery fee can cost between $5 and $20 depending on your chosen shipping method and the shop.

To give their clients more value for money, a lot of merchants offer free delivery when you purchase items worth a certain price, say, $50.

  • Service Charge

Finally, the service charge is a certain fee charged by sellers so they can earn a profit or pay for their plant expenses. This is another factor that will affect the peace lily price you have to pay.

You can’t control how the seller sets this fee, but thankfully, there are a number of honest peace lily sellers on the market.

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