A Quick Guide: Giving Gifts in Russia

Everybody loves giving gifts in Russia be it on a normal or special occasion. 

Similar to Western countries, they celebrate Christmas, Easter, and International Women’s Day. Also, adults open a gift in front of others and bring a gift when invited over to a friend’s home.

Even so, they have their own, unique gift-giving customs you have to be aware of. And this is what our simple guide here today is for.

Giving Personal Gifts in Russia

Giving Personal Gifts in Russia

For personal gifting in Russia, these are the things you have to keep in mind:

  • One of the greatest joys of Russians is giving and receiving gifts. So, it’s always a great idea to bring a variety of gifts to suit the person and/or his family.
  • Cheaper gifts like a grooming kit and chocolates don’t have to be wrapped, while more expensive presents like a watch or designer handbag have to be.
  • It is always nice to give the little ones when you’re visiting a friend’s house a small gift, such as a toy or candies.
  • Having been invited to a Russian’s house, you should not forget to bring a gift for the host family. Examples of this include bread, pastries, cookies, and high-quality wine.
  • Cameras and watches are some of the gifts that Russians would appreciate. If you have spent a night at a friend’s home, you can give them quality clothes, fashion accessories, or perfume to express your thanks.
  • If you choose to give alcohol, don’t give vodka as it’s already very common in the country.
  • Don’t give a pregnant woman a new baby gift until he or she is born because it is believed to be bad luck.

Giving Business Gifts in Russia

Giving Business Gifts in Russia

Furthermore, below are the customs of business gifting in Russia. These are important to know if you’re sending a gift to your business associate, employees, or client.

  • Great business gifts include flavorful chocolates, candies, fruit, office accessories, tea, coffee, and flowers.
  • In a corporate dinner, party, or event, those who are invited typically bring gifts to thank the celebrant.
  • Don’t give just a holiday card or thank you note as these can be regarded as being of no use. If you want to give one, you have to have a main gift along with it.
  • Avoid items on the cheaper side, such as pens, pencils, staplers, and notebooks. Also, steer clear from lower-quality alcohol too.
  • Pink, blue, cream, orange are excellent flower colors to give. They are only given to women, although male teachers, doctors, and famous personalities can receive them.
  • The flowers you give should total to an odd number. An even number of flowers is a bad sign because it represents a funeral or death.

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