The Meaning and Uses of the Snapdragon Flower

The Meaning and Uses of the Snapdragon Flower

For making your house’s garden more attractive and noticeable, vertical-growing flower varieties like the amazing snapdragons are a terrific choice!

In fact, these lovely and proud plants have great meaning and symbolism too, adding to the joy of having them.

If you would like to know them, this guide is made for you. Read on to know about the meaning, symbolism, and uses of the captivating snapdragon blossoms!

Snapdragon Flower Meaning

Giving snapdragons as a gift imparts different meanings—both positive and negative.

Looking into their positive connotations, snapdragons symbolize strength and grace. They’ve come to mean strength because they grow in a harsh environment in rocks and grace since their dragon-head-shaped flowers grow beautifully upright.

Furthermore, in the Victorian era, lovers used to send each other these flowers to express their love and affection without casting any suspicion. This is more discreet than sending roses, a popular symbol of romantic love.

But there’s a negative connotation to snapdragons too, as the flowers can also signify deception. In the past, people hung them outside doors and windows as a charm to protect them from evil spirits, creatures, or bad luck.

What does a specific color of snapdragons mean?

What does a specific color of snapdragons mean

Another fun historical fact: in the time of the ancient Greeks, colored snapdragons were believed to have magical properties.

Today, here’s what these colors mean:

Snapdragon ColorMeaning
PurpleMystery, spirituality, and devotion
RedPassion, love, and positivity
PinkTruth and commitment
YellowBliss, contentment, and good luck
WhitePurity, innocence, and light magic
OrangeHappiness, friendship, and good luck

When should I give a person snapdragons?

When should I give a person snapdragons

Snapdragons represent grace, resourcefulness, and dedication. Thus, they are the perfect floral gift for a person or a couple that has overcome difficult problems or remained calm under stressful life or work situations.

You can buy and give this flower at any time, be it for a casual or special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, wedding celebration, baby shower, or even Christmas.

But take care of your timing. The reception of your gift will depend on the receiver’s condition and convenience. Make sure you give it at an appropriate time so that the impressive flowers will be accepted openly and with glee.

What are the uses of a snapdragon flower?

A snapdragon flower is versatile and can be used for embellishing the garden or gifting a person close to you. The flowers can be planted in flower beds or containers all by themselves or mixed with other wildflowers.

The mighty snapdragons are excellent as cut flowers too. People use their white shade at weddings and receptions to symbolize innocence and purity. They are sometimes used as fillers to nicely increase the flower arrangement’s volume.

Other than that, the flowers and foliage of the snapdragon flower are used as a garnish for salads, soups, and desserts.

Also, the flower is known for its inflammatory properties. It’s applied to the skin to treat small and large gashes and wounds.

Resources on Gift Delivery

If you plan to surprise a loved one with a snapdragon bouquet, you can couple it with any of these lovely gift selections:

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