4 Shops of Excellent and Air-Purifying Snake Plants for Sale

There are many things to like about the snake plant. Not only do these plants look awesome, but they also purify the air in your room and don’t require much looking after.

A snake plant is perfect as a gift or to take home and place by the window. Or you can have it in the bedroom since it greatly helps air to circulate by converting a lot of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

And with this list, we bring you the leading shops that sell and deliver excellent and air-purifying snake plants. By using it, you won’t stressfully need to look for them online.

1) Terrain


With several US branches, Terrain is a home and garden decor specialist boasting a huge collection of plants, flowers, tableware, and furniture.

One of the collections customers have an eye on is their snake plants. This selection features the beloved snake plant in different varieties, presentations, and prices.

We recommend their Sansevieria zeylanica and Sansevieria laurentii potted plants that bring a natural and wonderful look indoors. Their soil mix and pottery are already included in their affordable prices, giving you value for your money.

2) Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees

One reason we chose Fast Growing Trees is that many customers we talked to were satisfied with their huge collection.

It’s not very confusing to browse their plant offerings. All of their snake plant varieties are contained within one link, and after clicking that, you will just have to pick your desired plant and pot design.

Once you have gotten the plant from the store, you can put the potted snake plants in the best location or transfer them to raised beds or borders to make your yard nicer and more welcoming.

Oh, and we’d also like to mention that shipping can take as fast as one to two days. Plus, you get a year’s warranty, so if the plants aren’t to your satisfaction, you can be given a newer, better one—if conditions are met.

3) Bloomscape


You can get fresh and stunning plants direct from a greenhouse with Bloomscape. This plant store has been a premier shop for many years. They’re now run by fifth-generation owners.

Their easy-to-care-for, adaptable snake plant products come in two kinds—one is affordable and the other pricey.

What we like the most is they give you simple, thoughtful custom options to choose the pot color and to add a plant stand or dusting gloves. This helps you personalize your plant gift for a loved one.

Best of all, the team backs up their customers by offering valuable tips and advice to care for their new plant baby. Furthermore, they keep in line with the competitive market by offering a 30-day plant guarantee and an express delivery option.

4) Lively Root

Lively Root

If you’re hunting for a certain snake plant, then the Lively Root may just have what you’re looking for.

At their store, they have both ordinary and rare snake plants in varying sizes that other nurseries or merchants don’t have.

Let us list some of them: the pitch-black Sansevieria Black Diamond, wild and playful Sansevieria Night Owl, and tall, slim, and aloe-vera-like Sansevieria cylindrica. And you can also select an eco-pot, basket, or grower pot for them.

Besides that, we’d like to mention that each plant you pick has detailed plant care information on the page, including if they are safe for pets, their place of origin, what skill level they’re great for, and fun facts.

Also, buying products worth $48 or more from this shop will entitle you to free shipping, thereby helping you to lower your expenses. If you know someone who loves snake plants, you can send them one from this shop as a gift.

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