Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift Wrapper

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift Wrapper

I already have a thoughtful gift for a friend, but it’s not wrapped yet. I want to make the presentation perfect and I don’t know which gift wrapper to use. 

Since her birthday is two days from now, I start to panic a bit while seated on the sofa.

If your situation is like this, worry not, as we wrote this guide for you. Here, we’re going to share with you several tips for choosing the right gift wrapper to beautifully adorn your special gift for someone.

1) Set a budget 

Set a budget

Not all gift wrappers are of the same kind or price. There are cheap, decently priced, and luxury gift wrappers.

It’s important to know that you don’t always have to get the most expensive one. An affordable wrapper can do so long as it has a nice pattern and doesn’t tear too easily.

Some durable wrapping paper materials include Kraft paper (104 – 113 gsm), cotton (100 gsm), and artificial leather paper (120 gsm).

GSM (grams per square meter) measures the heaviness and quality of the wrapping paper per a given area. Those that are within 80 to 120 GSM are considered to be good quality.

2) Create an eco-friendly gift wrapper

Create an eco-friendly gift wrapper

Here are several ways you can make your gift wrapping planet-friendly:

  • Recycle old gift wrappers
  • Wrap gifts with brown grocery paper
  • Reuse cardboard shipping boxes
  • Choose biodegradable paper tape
  • Opt for fabric wrappers like handkerchiefs or shawls instead of paper
  • Turn torn clothes into ribbons

3) Think about the small gift decorations

Think about the small gift decorations

Some people have extra ribbon, twine, topper, and card tag at home. So that you’ll spend less, you can choose a wrapping paper that will complement the items you have on hand, rather than one that doesn’t match them.

For example, you can embellish the gift with a succulent cutting and secure it on a brown gift wrapper with a piece of string. But remember to cut the succulents a few days earlier to allow them to heal and dry.

4) Go for the right colors 

Go for the right colors

Depending on the gift or the recipient’s preference, you can go for wrapping paper with single or multiple colors.

If you want more visual impact, pick a wrapper that contrasts with the ribbon, tag, or other decors you plan to place on it. 

Using orange on a blue wrapper will be more striking than using light pink on a pink wrapper, for example.

Be sure to select a wrapper color that’s appropriate for the recipient or occasion, as the giftee may have cultural, religious, or superstitious beliefs about it.

CountryGift-Wrap ColorCultural Meaning
ChinaRedLuck and prosperity
USARed and greenChristmas
JapanPinkHappiness and positivity
BrazilWhiteAbundance and good luck

5) Consider the recipient’s preference

Consider the recipient’s preference

The right gift-wrapping design sometimes comes naturally if we consider the giftee’s taste and interests.

It can be as simple as picking a wrapping paper featuring dinosaurs for a nephew that loves these creatures or picking floral patterns for a mom or aunt that loves gardening.

Can I make my own gift-wrapping paper?

Can I make my own gift-wrapping paper

You can certainly make your own gift-wrapping paper using available items in the house. This will make the gift extra special for the recipient because you’ve put your heart, effort, and time into doing it.

Below are just a few ways you can do that:

  1. Use washi tape

You can wrap a gift creatively and decorate it with a tassel using only washi tape and Kraft paper.

Watch the tutorial below to know how to do this:

  1. Make a gift bag

Another easy technique is to present the gift in a DIY gift bag. For the task, you only need wrapping paper, tape, a puncher, and a piece of string or twine.

See the video below to learn how to make it:

  1. Kraft paper and eucalyptus

Even if you’re doing DIY gift wrapping, you can make it classy and unique. All you need is brown Kraft paper, eucalyptus, and jute twine.

Learn how to create one by watching the short clip below:

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