Ways to Gift Someone without Spending Money

Ways to Gift Someone without Spending Money

Worried about gifting someone with a limited budget? Fret not. There are different ways to gift someone without spending a dime!

And that’s precisely why we wrote this simple guide for you. Here, we’ll teach you how you can give no-cost gifts and still make your recipient happy.

What can I gift someone on their birthday for free?

Many people write a heartfelt letter, make a scrapbook, bake sweet treats, and sing a song to make the recipient smile on their birthday without spending any money.

What can I give to a partner without spending money?

What can I give to a partner without spending money

Rather than buying a gift, you can make your partner’s day by watching a movie together, dancing to their favorite tune, and giving them a massage, just to name some. 

For a physical gift, you can consider giving your spouse or partner a handwritten love poem, a photo of you and them with a special message, a drawing of them, or making breakfast in bed.

What are free virtual gifts I can give to a friend?

Some free virtual gifts you can give to a friend are an ebook, audiobook, voucher code, and limited subscription for a cooking or carpentry course, for instance.

How do I gift a person without spending anything?

There are many ways you can gift a person even if you have no money. Some examples of this are a handwritten letter, a photo with a message, a DIY thread bracelet, and a packed lunch.

Below, we have some more free gift ideas.

1) Write down or make a video of your fun memories

Write down or make a video of your fun memories

You can make a family member or friend remember good times by writing them down on decorative stationery paper or on a photo or creating a fun video.

2) Gift homemade items

Gift homemade items

A lot of homemade items won’t require you to spend money if you make them from materials you already have on hand. A few examples of these are snacks, desserts, a knitted coin wallet, or a wood ornament.

3) Find a simple gift at home

Find a simple gift at home

There might be something in the house that can be given as a gift to someone.

Think about a thing that the recipient will find special or enjoy. For example, it can be a Tom Clancy spy novel, a coffee maker that you’re not using, or a bracelet. 

Make sure though that these items are in good condition. Don’t simply give items you want to throw away.

4) Go for a sentimental gift

Go for a sentimental gift

A sentimental gift can be a good option for a parent or friend. 

Even though the gift may not cost you any money, it can touch them deeply knowing it was given from the heart, rather than just simply picked up from the store.

To illustrate our point, you could give your friend a custom playlist or a card with creative drawings.

5) Give vouchers or coupons

Give vouchers or coupons

You can share vouchers or coupons you’ve collected or won. A couple of examples are a coffee coupon for a coffee shop the receiver frequents or tickets for a game.

6) Give them a small houseplant

Give them a small houseplant

A small houseplant can be a nice gift for people who have recently moved to a new home or are stressed from work.

But should you decide to give a small plant as a gift, you need to give it time to grow in your garden so it’ll be ready on the day of your friend’s or family’s special occasion.

What are helpful tips for giving a free gift?

What are helpful tips for giving a free gift

There are a couple of ways to make your free gift special for the person. These are mixing free gifts together and personalizing the gift.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these simple tips so that you can make your special person smile:

1) Put together several free gifts

Put together small and free gifts to create a custom gift basket. Although a free gift isn’t much, putting a lot of them together will have more impact on the recipient.

As one example, you can fill the basket with homemade cookies and pickles, some candies, chocolates, flowers, and a special handwritten note.

2) Personalize the gift packaging

While you can give generic gifts, it can be better if you add your personal touches to them. 

Perhaps you can add drawings on the box, include a handwritten gift message, or wrap the gift in the person’s favorite colors.

Also, you could put it in a stylish paper bag and add cool stickers on the front.

What are some gift ideas I can give with no money?

What are some gift ideas I can give with no money

Possible gift ideas for someone that won’t cost anything are preserved pickles, sprinkled muffins, bath and body products, a simple gift basket, a photo album, and the like.

You may find more free gift ideas in the quick list below.

Creative Gifts

  • A DIY thread bracelet
  • A knitted sweater
  • A short story you wrote
  • A small watercolor painting
  • A birthday greeting video
  • An entertaining dance video

Sentimental Gifts

  • A handwritten letter
  • A collage of your pictures together
  • A favorite book you’ve read before
  • A pouch given to you by a parent
  • A family genealogy chart
  • An inspiration jar (with creative ideas for different things i.e. movie or ice-breaker question)

Garden Gifts

  • A bouquet of fragrant flowers
  • A small houseplant
  • Seeds

Gifts for Family

  • A set of DIY bookmarks
  • A nice set of drawings
  • A custom playlist with songs they like
  • Home-made spaghetti and meatballs
  • A family recipe cookbook
  • Babysit for them

Gifts for Kids

  • Colored paper cranes
  • DIY face towels
  • A personalized video
  • A DIY pop-up letter
  • Homemade cookies or muffins
  • A picture of you and them
  • A photo book
  • Teach them a skill (music or cooking)

Gifts for Partners

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Back and neck massage
  • A handwritten romantic poem
  • Slow-dancing to music
  • Candle-lit movie night
  • A romantic walk

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