What are the most amazing flowers for friendship

What are the most amazing flowers for friendship?

The most amazing flowers to give a friend are freesias, periwinkles, and almost all sorts of yellow blooms.

You may want to send them the elegant freesia, as it signifies amity and trust, or the pinwheel-shaped periwinkle because it symbolizes a new start and friendship.

Also, many people surprise their close friends and allies with yellow sunflowers and roses, which suggest cheerfulness, energy, and fondness.

In this guide, we will discuss the different friendship flowers like the ones above, their meanings, and on what specific occasion you can give them.

What are the various types of friendship flowers?

Here are the very best flowers you can surprise your friend with for a certain event or occasion:

1) Freesias


As freesia flowers generally mean friendship, you’re free to pick any color of them for your best buddy or confidante. Be it lavender, yellow, or blue, it’s up to you.

Freesias sport a series of delicate cup-shaped petals along a flexible green stem. They have reed-like stems and foliage, both of which make them unique. 

Moreover, it gives off a sweet lemon fragrance, expressing the sweetness of friendship. With this, your flower gift will most likely be very loved and appreciated by the person.

Use single-colored freesias or mix it up with other colors in a bouquet or ensemble.

2) Periwinkle


If you and your friend have undergone trials and challenges and overcome them together, your relationship is indeed something. And the periwinkle flower can stand for your strong bond with each other.

Aside from a strong friendship, it signifies the beginning of a new one. If you’ve met someone new and are glad that they’re now a part of your life, you can give them this flower.

And periwinkle connotes womanhood or femininity too, making it an excellent gift for a woman friend, a loving aunt, or a new mother.

This small and wonderful flower is commonly in blue but can also be in gentle hues of violet, purple-pink, and pink.

3) Sunflowers


One of the most popular flowers of all time, the sunflower has a circle of many petals surrounding a brown center.

They resemble the sun so much that it can be thought that they’re “daughters of the sun.”

Being associated with the sun, sunflowers remind people to have a sunny attitude, be optimistic, and have hope for the future.

It’s an interesting fact that young sunflowers track and face the sun all day. This earned them the meaning of devotion or dedication—like the one we have for friends.

  • The Myth of Apollo and Clytie

Associated with this flower is the Greek myth of Apollo and Clytie. Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, and Clytie is the pretty nymph who was in love with him.

They loved each other until one day, Apollo fell in love with another beautiful nymph. 

Upset and jealous, the Clytie told the father of the rival nymph about what happened, and the father buried the daughter alive as punishment.

After hearing about what the jealous nymph did, the Greek god turned Clytie into a sunflower. Even as a flower, Clytie turned her gaze toward the god.

From this, the sunflower has also been taken to mean loyalty and admiration besides dedication and a cheerful countenance.

4) Roses


Often, people give yellow roses to show appreciation or to celebrate a birthday or a special event.

It has a bit of a romantic connotation with it like other roses. Even so, yellow roses can be a suitable gift for a friend—after all, your spouse or partner can also be your best friend.

The other symbolisms of yellow roses are bliss, positivity, and care.

These flowers are commonly seen worn by men as a boutonnierè at a friend’s party or wedding event or blended with other flower types and colors in a lovely bouquet gift.

5) Daffodil


Have you endured a nasty betrayal by a friend? And are you willing to forgive them? 

If you have experienced this, then daffodils may be a good way to express your emotions to your friend.

Daffodils are exciting bulb flowers belonging to the amaryllis family. They’re notable for their incredible star-shaped flowers and honey-yellow center.

As one of the first flowers to sprout during springtime, they are symbolic of forgiveness, rebirth, and a clean slate. 

Giving one to a friend can be a kind gesture of forgiveness.

6) Chrysanthemums


Another spectacular flower you can hand to your friend is the chrysanthemum. It can symbolize joy, hope, and compassion

They consist of many ray or disc flowers blooming beautifully layer on layer. Wild varieties usually have smaller flowers, while cultivated ones have larger flowers.

Furthermore, they come in an assortment of colors, such as white, red, orange, purple, yellow, and lavender.

Be careful, though, as chrysanthemums are also regarded as the “flower of death” in Europe where they’re often seen in tombstones and gravesites.  

7) Tulips


The simple and eye-catching tulips are a great and affordable present for friends. They are bursting with color and life wherever you see them.

These classic spring growers mean unconditional love, affection, and best wishes. So you can present tulips to your friend, sibling, parents, or spouse.

You can give your best friend a single or ten tulips, order them in a bouquet or vase, or dry out the petals and glue it on a letter.

Plus, they come in a dazzling range of colors, like red, orange, yellow, white, pink, lilac, purple, and violet, with each one having an added special meaning.

For instance, white tulips have the meaning of elegance and purity for the perfect friend. Red tulips are perfect if you want to show you care about them, and violet if you admire and deeply love them.

8) Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies exude beauty, lightness, and confidence. Like its cousin, the sunflower, it can brighten anyone’s day upon seeing them.

They feature bright petal colors and long and thick stems. The ray petals are arranged in multiple layers, showcasing its majestic beauty even more.

Coming in a carnival of colors, like maroon, orange, red-orange, white, fuchsia, cream-brown, and more, gerberas are suitable to be given to anyone on any occasion!

It can be given to a friend who is lively and cheerful, one who gives you a shoulder to lean on when you have a bad day, or a new neighbor.

Similar to the other flowers, different daisy colors give them a certain interpretation. 

For instance, red gerberas connote full and immersed love. White symbolizes a child-like innocence and purity.

Pink stands for confidence and admiration, and cream-brown means simplicity and loyalty and is often used in modern fashion.

One advantage of gerbera daisies is that they’re not hard to find. Almost every florist from all parts of the world has them because they’re very likable and versatile.

9) Geranium


Geranium is a rare flower species native to certain parts of Northern Europe. The meaning of this flower is rapture, good health, and friendship.

However, in Victorian times, people regarded this flower as a symbol of foolishness and rashness. It was likened to someone who’s willing to pursue something without much thought.

The flower has a distinctive shape with overlapping or separated petals and palmated cleft leaves. They can have a splash of deeper color within the flower.

Its shade ranges from pink and purple to red and white. Some, as we have said, have dual colors with the inner one being a darker color than its primary color, for example, pink and hot pink.

And due to their vibrancy, you can definitely gift geranium flowers to a friend or lover whom you’re very fond of, are very cute, or someone you just can’t get enough of.

10) Zinnia


Zinnias are colorful annual plants that bloom from late spring to fall. They have flamboyant flowers and lance-shaped leaves that are supported by hairy and straight stems.

This showy flower has a wide range of meanings for its complex form. Among them are friendship, endurance, kindness, thoughtfulness, and fondness.

As you can see, these are most of the desirable qualities that we find in a good friend. Having a good friend helps us to feel confident, strong, and complete every day.

If you have a friend like this, then you are extremely lucky. So rather than bottle your emotions, why not give them a bouquet of striking zinnia flowers, which are hard not to like!

With their rich petal structure and color, it’s as if you’re showering a friend with love and good wishes. If they have achieved success in work, are having a birthday celebration, or you badly miss them, these flowers are perfect for the occassion.

11) Hydrangeas


It’s hard to rival the hydrangeas in terms of flower abundance and charm. This stunning ball-shaped wonder symbolizes gratitude, beauty, and grace—perfect for a close friend.

Besides these meanings, the pleasant flower also conveys serenity and care relating to a platonic relationship.

You can repay someone’s kindness by giving them a freshly wrapped hydrangea bouquet on a regular day or a special event like a wedding or baby shower.

The hydrangea blooms during summer and spring and comes in a full array of colors, from pink to white, blue, reddish pink, and green. They are certainly lovely and unique flowers!

12) Orchids


And let’s not forget about the mesmerizing orchids because these embody friendship, joy, and a new start. One can’t help but think good and nice thoughts when viewing their bright and beautiful flowers.

There are roughly 30,000 species of orchids found across the globe. They differ widely in style, pattern, and color.

The Cattleya orchid is considered to be the most beautiful orchid in the world. Each plant has 1 to 30 vibrant flowers, succulent leaves, and large pseudo or bulb-like stems.

Another popular orchid is the moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) which has a rigid arching spray of flowers that can last for several months.

Compared to other cut flowers, orchids last significantly long and can decorate your friend’s house as well as serve as a reminder that you are thinking of and love them dearly every day, so they’re a fantastic flower choice!

FAQs about Flower Gifts for Friends

FAQs about Flower Gifts for Friends
  1. Is it appropriate to surprise a friend with flowers?

Absolutely! It shows that you love and care about your friend. You can also give them flowers if you feel grateful for them or miss them so much.

Your recipient’s gender doesn’t matter. So long as you’re not offending anybody, there’s no problem with it.

  1. Can I give flowers to my friend on Valentine’s Day?

There’s nothing wrong with giving a friend flowers on Valentine’s Day because love comes in many forms. 

However, if you don’t want your gesture to be misinterpreted, it’s better to send them flowers on another day.

  1. Should I add a small gift along with the flowers?

In most situations, giving a small gift along with the flowers is optional. It’s up to you and the occasion that is being celebrated.

But for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, it’s always nice to include a card or a box of sweet chocolates with a special flower arrangement.

If the person has just moved into a new home, giving them a small food box or basket would be nice.

  1. Can I send a friend a houseplant instead of flowers?

You can also send a houseplant to a friend instead of flowers. There are many indoor or garden plants that connote great friendship such as bamboo, rosemary, and ivy.

See, bamboo expresses resilience and flexibility. Rosemary represents friendship, memory, and love, and ivy means steadfastness and life, all of which apply to friends.

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