What is the meaning of freesias

What is the meaning of freesias?

Freesia flowers mainly represent friendship and trust between two people. 

These meanings stem from the fact that the botanist Christian Ecklon named this lovely and delicate flower after his close friend Dr. Friedrich Freese who had been the first to discover it.

Besides that, freesias mean faithfulness and purity for married couples. These flowers can often be seen carried by a bride and her bridesmaids or adorning the wedding venue.

Keep reading this guide to know more about the freesia flower. We’ll be delving into this flower’s basic information, its meaning, its cultural impact, and more!

Freesia Basic Information 

Freesia Basic Information

Genus: Freesia

Family: Iridaceae

Native Habitat: Eastern part of South Africa

Life Cycle: Perennial

Freesias are perennial garden or indoor plants of the genus Freesia. This genus is very small comprising about 20 varieties of the Iris family (Iridaceae).

Being native to the eastern part of South Africa, they thrive in cool and rainy climates. Their growing season begins in late autumn, which is earlier than most flower types.

They start out as bulbs underground and remain active well into the winter, developing their foliage and flowering magnificently from late winter till early spring.

Also, as cut flowers, freesias are one of the most popular blossoms across the globe. It can often be seen arranged attractively in a bouquet, posy, or vase form.

Freesia Physical Description

Freesia Physical Description

Freesia has small, round, and trumpet-shaped flower petals. As they develop, these can nicely droop a bit.

Their leaves are long and grassy, which is one of the freesia’s distinct features.

Not only are their flowers bright and super lovely, but they also emit a strong lemony scent. As a result, these attract many pollinators in the garden, including butterflies and bees.

What’s more, they can reach 1 to 2 feet tall at maturity and come in blue, orange, yellow, and white shades, so they can easily be grown, seen, and enjoyed along with other garden plants.

They enjoy growing in full to shaded sun and a moist and well-draining soil medium—the same as what they’re getting in their native home.

Freesia Word Origin

The freesia flower was named after German botanist Dr. Friedrich Freese who discovered it. 

His good friend and colleague, Christian F. Ecklon, honored him by coining this word to describe the genus Freesia in the latter half of the 19th century.

What does the freesia flower symbolize?

What does the freesia flower symbolize

Having bountiful and excitingly hued flowers, the freesia perfectly stands for loyalty and amiability as well as affection, thoughtful care, and purity.

Freesias as a Symbol of Friendship

The freesia wonderfully expresses that you feel that someone has acted as your true friend and ally. And they are definitely an excellent flower gift to give them at any time of the year.

Freesias as a Symbol of Faithful Marriage

Like the rose, lily, and gladiolus, freesia is also associated with being pure, committed, and steadfast with one’s spouse or partner.

Many couples have used freesias as a symbol of the bride’s chastity and the couple’s trust in each other ever since the 1950s.

And in America, the pretty freesia is also the traditional flower used for celebrating the seventh wedding anniversary of a couple. 

Freesias and their Cultural Significance

Look below to know how freesia blooms have inspired certain people, cultures, or countries.

In China

In China, freesias are called “小苍兰” (pronounced xiǎo cāng lán), which translates to white, purple, pink, or yellow nice-smelling flowers.

In England

There’s a lovely poem called The Greenhouse in Early April written by respected English writer Robert Henry Forster.

He writes about the emerging blooms and aroma of the freesia in his greenhouse as the life-giving spring arrives.

Here’s a short excerpt from this poem:

The sheltered blossoms lift their comely heads.

Fragrance the newly opened Freesia sheds

From its white trumpets with the splash of gold;

In Korea

In episode 19 of the modern Korean series The Good Witch, Oh Tae-yang proposes to his long-time love Cha Sun-hee with freesias. To his dismay, he was rejected on the spot.

Freesias and Astrology

Freesias and Astrology

Libra is the astrological sign related to the freesia flower. People born between September 22 and October 23 are Librans.

Apart from being charming and cute, Libran men and women are said to be masters of peace and compromise. These are essential traits of a blissful, loyal, and long-lasting friendship and marriage.

Freesias and Numerology

Freesias and Numerology

Freesias are assigned the number 9 in numerology. In this belief system, that number means selflessness and obligation.

It’s wonderful that freesias can mean being responsible and helpful, being ready to support a friend when they need you.

The Meanings of Freesias by Color

The Meanings of Freesias by Color

The meaning can be enhanced or altered slightly by the freesia’s color. Here are what each color means:

  • Blue

It’s fantastic that freesias come in blue. Blue represents trust, commitment, security, serenity, compromise, intelligence, and peace, among other meanings.

Compared to other flowers, blue, particularly baby blue, is very common for freesias. It’s beautiful and can be given to someone you trust and care for.

For instance, if you haven’t seen and have been missing a friend or relative in a distant country, then you can send floral hugs with this color of freesias.

  • Orange

Orange changes the freesias meaning a little bit. As the composite of red and yellow, it can be taken to mean spontaneity, warmth, affection, and positive thoughts.

This freesia color is so full of life. Orange freesias are also fantastic if they’re paired with other balancing or cooler colors like blue or white.

If you’re cheering a downhearted friend, wishing a friend a speedy recovery in the hospital, or know someone who loves life, orange freesias may be a great gift for them.

  • Red

Classic and passionate, red freesias just speak of romantic or passionate love without any words. Given this, they can act as a great substitute for roses or tulips.

Their other meanings are vigor, prosperity, health, and productivity. However, they have negative connotations of danger and anger as well.

Red freesias can be gifted as standalone or as a part of a mixed flower arrangement. And, of course, when it comes to weddings, these blossoms are unique and wondrous!

  • White

White freesias certainly connote purity, faith, and abstinence more than the other freesia varieties.

So, it follows from this that some of the occasions you can give white freesias include weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and graduations.

  • Yellow

Yellow freesias are warm, jovial, and inviting. It carries the lovely meanings of friendship, bliss, summer, and sunshine.

Yellow is a striking and eye-catching color in the sea of flowers and plants in your garden. Someone who gets to see them as they visit or pass by your house can instantly feel light and uplifted.

For gifting, yellow freesias are suitable to be given to just about anyone—even your sweetheart, especially if they have a vivacious and fun personality.

Also, we’d like to add that there’s actually a freesia color. It is sunny and golden in shade—a mix of orange and yellow that’s leaning more toward the latter.

  • Lavender

Lavender freesias are not just beautiful but also have fabulous symbolism.

They signify devotion, faith, silence, grace, purity, and peace. Furthermore, they can represent luxury, refinement, nobility, and virtue.

With this in mind, it’s only natural to give lavender freesias to someone you think highly of, love deeply and unconditionally, or both.

What are the uses of the freesia flower?

What are the uses of the freesia flower

Here are the uses and applications of the freesia flower:

As Cut Flowers

In America, freesias are mostly used as cut flowers since they’re harder to grow in regular gardens there, given their subtropical temperature and moisture level needs.

Speaking of cut flowers, they have a moderate vase life of up to a week if they’re properly cared for.

As Shampoo, Body Lotion, and Perfume

Freesias fill the air with a relaxing and sweet lemon scent. So a vase of freesias placed in the room or living room can help reduce stress, tension, and sleep difficulties.

Also, the Freesia refracta variety is known for its great fragrance and thus, has been used widely in shampoos, soaps, hand lotions, and perfumes.

Do note, however, that freesia flower may not be the primary ingredient used in these body care and perfume products.

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