10 Best Shops for Gift Delivery in Geelong

12 Best Shops for Gift Delivery in Geelong

Geelong is known for being a sports-loving city. Located in the State of Victoria, it’s home to the second oldest national football team and has many sports you can play or participate in.

Aside from that, they have hip shopping centres and restaurants where you can greatly enjoy. There is a slew of gift shops here too that offer thoughtful blooms and food hampers, among other stuff.

If you’re looking to buy one, you came to the right place, as we are presenting to you the very best gift delivery shops in Geelong today!

By the way, you can also look through the best gift delivery in Canberra sometime in the future if you plan to surprise your friend or loved ones there.

Disclaimer: This article may contain links from affiliates. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. While we have not tested out the products of every single shop on this list, this selection is based on our research using a 10-point checklist. You can read about our selection system here.

Comparison Table: Gift Delivery Prices in Geelong

Gift ShopBestsellerPriceProsConsDelivery
GOOSE$20 – $269Same-day local delivery, delivers Australia-wide, gives promos and discounts, can give a refund if it meets their conditionsClosed on Sundays, payment modes aren’t indicated$10
The Food Purveyor$25 – $150Artisan hamper goods, great rates, express delivery option available, delivers across Australia, several payment methodsClosed on the weekends, their hampers could have more variety$10 – $25
Grovedale Florist and Gift Shop$65 – $160Same-day Geelong delivery, offers an express delivery service, takes phone orders, makes wedding floralsDoesn’t accept Amex cards and PayPal, relatively small selection, Sunday delivery is unavailable except on Mother’s Day$14.95
Cyril Cooke Florist$95 – $230Specialises in vase arrangements, same-day delivery available, delivers nationwide, gives membership discounts, takes Afterpay paymentsRather high prices, delivery fee may be unfair to those living nearby$15
Mr Collins Florist$69 – $170Offers same-day flower delivery, takes phone orders, crafts wedding blooms, open seven days a weekDoesn’t deliver interstate or AU-wide, Sunday delivery is unavailable except on Mother’s Day$15 – $42
Smellies$6 – $115Excellent rates, can deliver to Melbourne, gives signup discountsClosed on the weekends, doesn’t take Apple PayCalculated at checkout
The Locavorium$6.95 – $160Uses local handmade products, offers same-day delivery service, customisable gift boxes, assists with corporate gifts, gives discountsPremium hampers, deliveries can take up to three days, doesn’t take PayPalCalculated at checkout
A Natural Bunch$50 – $185Same-day hamper delivery, vegan hampers offered, accepts phone ordersExpensive gifts, closed on Sunday and Monday, limited hamper optionsCalculated at checkout
Flower Bowl$85 – $250Great value for money, wild and lavish floral designs, same-day hamper delivery, accepts phone or chat ordersNormally closed on the weekends, complaints about price and serviceCalculated at checkout
A Treat 4 Me$50 – $367Uses high-quality food ingredients, hampers can be customised, mini packs or hampers are available, versatile payment methodsPricey rates, relatively smaller gift selection, closed on SundaysCalculated at checkout
Baby Gift Box$99 – $249Same-Day Dispatch,
Delivery Options,
Customer-Centric Service
Limited VarietyCalculated at checkout

Best Shops for Gift Delivery in Geelong

1. A Treat 4 Me

A Treat 4 Me's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.atreat4me.com.au/

Speciality: Local artisan gift hampers

Price: $50 – $367

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Amex, Apple Pay, JCB, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Visa

At A Treat 4 Me, you can find a fun and delicious or practical gift hamper for a certain someone. All their goods are made in Australia and curated nicely by the in-house staff.

They have gifts for chocolate lovers, discerning eaters, Christmas celebrants, and more. One affordable option is their mini packs, which contain a few items like chocolates, bubbles, and beer.

They are a leading gift delivery shop in Geelong, acclaimed by many customers. Plus, it’s very convenient to order from them, as they accept a complete range of payments including PayPal and Apple Pay.


  • Pros: Uses high-quality food ingredients
  • Hampers can be customised
  • Mini packs or hampers are available
  • Versatile payment methods


  • Pricey rates
  • Relatively smaller gift selection
  • Closed on Sundays

2. Cyril Cooke Florist

Cyril Cooke Florist's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.cyrilcookeflorist.com.au/

Speciality: Pastel vase arrangements

Price: $95 – $230

Delivery fee: $15

Payment methods: Amex, Diners Club, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, and Afterpay

If you want to sweeten up someone’s day, flowers from Cyril Cooke Florist may be for you! They have a knack for creating gorgeous pastel flowers for your mother, spouse, or office.

But their beautiful flowers come at a price that’s a bit high. However, it’s worth it because of their kind and helpful customer service, outstanding flower design, and same-day delivery.

Furthermore, they can deliver interstate and across Australia. The delivery fee is the same for everywhere, although those living nearer the store may find this fixed fee a bit unfair.


  • Specialises in vase arrangements
  • Same-day delivery available
  • Delivers nationwide
  • Gives membership discounts
  • Takes Afterpay payments


  • Rather high prices
  • Delivery fee may be unfair to those living nearby

3. Smellies

Smellies Homepage

Shop link: https://smellies.com.au/

Speciality: Large, eye-catching bouquets

Price: $6 – $115

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and PayPal

Smellies has collections of eye-catching blooms that can delight your recipient. Among them are Meadow, Rainbow, Forest, Blossom, and Snow, which differ in flower choices and tones.

Apart from that, they have plenty of gifts here like chocolates, soap, gift cards, houseplants, and mini plants in lovely presentations.

But what sets them apart from other florists is their prices are competitive while still giving you value. They can deliver to Geelong, Melbourne, and the surrounding areas.


  • Excellent rates
  • Can deliver to Melbourne
  • Gives sign-up discounts


  • Closed on the weekends
  • Doesn’t take Apple Pay

4. The Locavorium

The Locavorium's Homepage

Shop link: https://thelocavorium.com.au/

Speciality: Gastronomic artisan hampers

Price: $6.95 – $160

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Amex, Apple Pay, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa

Locavorium is a combination of three words. That’s “local” and the Latin suffixes “-vore,” indicating something related to eating, and “-rium,” denoting a container.

Combining these words describes their products perfectly—a local food hamper or box.

It’s not just any local food, though, as the owner has sampled the flavour of the food before using them for their hampers. She believes the foods have to be of great quality and tasty!

Speaking of which, you might want to try their You & Me Together food hamper. This includes chocolate-coated salted pretzels, raspberries, honey, fig, walnut crisps, coconut ice, popcorn, raspberry cider, local beer, and other treats.


  • Uses local handmade products
  • Offers same-day delivery service
  • Customisable gift boxes
  • Assists with corporate gifts
  • Gives discounts


  • Premium hampers
  • Deliveries can take up to three days
  • Doesn’t take PayPal

5. A Natural Bunch

A Natural Bunch's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.anaturalbunch.com.au/hampers

Speciality: Healthy and vegan hampers

Price: $50 – $185

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, and Amex

Looking for classic flowers or a healthy gift hamper? If so, you should check out A Natural Bunch!

It has a nice selection of hampers filled with indulging treats and/or wholesome fruit and vegetables. As for flowers, they have timeless rose bouquets and lily arrangements, to name a couple.

They can deliver your gift in Geelong and the neighbouring areas if you order by noon, though from Tuesday to Saturday only. Other downsides of this gift store are that their prices are quite high and gift options aren’t many.


  • Same-day hamper delivery
  • Vegan hampers offered
  • Accepts phone orders


  • Expensive gifts
  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • Limited hamper options

6. Flower Bowl

Flower Bowl's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.flowerbowl.com.au/

Speciality: Wild and lavish arrangements

Price: $85 – $250

Delivery fee: Calculated at checkout

Payment methods: Visa, Amex, Mastercard, and PayPal

For excellent value for money, you should go to the Flower Bowl. Their unique arrangements are large and varied, have stunning beauty, and are priced decently.

With their flowers, you can spoil your loved one. They’ll also make a fantastic post or story on your social media account.

But flowers aren’t the only things that make them popular, their plants are equally loved by patrons too, such as their potted dangling ivies and picture-perfect phalaenopsis orchids!


  • Great value for money
  • Wild and lavish floral designs
  • Same-day hamper delivery
  • Accepts phone or chat orders


  • Normally closed on the weekends
  • Complaints about price and service


GOOSE's Homepage

Shop link: https://goosestore.com.au/

Speciality: Useful gifts for everyone

Price: $20 – $269

Delivery fee: $10

Payment methods: Kindly enquire with them about this

Formed in 1996, GOOSE is a one-stop gift shop for everyone regardless of age. It has hundreds of useful gifts across several categories including outdoors, fashion, homeware, and baby accessories.

One reason we chose this shop in this list is you won’t have to spend a lot to buy a nice gift here. Available from Monday to Saturday, the store delivers all across the country to help you brighten someone’s day.


  • Same-day local delivery
  • Delivers Australia-wide
  • Gives promos and discounts
  • Can give a refund if it meets their conditions


  • Closed on a Sunday
  • Payment modes aren’t indicated

8. Mr Collins Florist

Mr Collins Florist's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.mrcollinsflorist.com.au/

Speciality: Pretty hatbox flowers and posies

Price: $69 – $170

Delivery fee: $15 – $42

Payment methods: Kindly enquire with them about this

Mr Collins Florist has a large array of masterful floral design in its online catalogue. Whether it be a pretty hatbox, cottage garden, summer-inspired flowers, or any other them, they can curate it for you.

Moreover, they have stylish wreaths to hang on your door, stuffed bears, calming terrariums, and balloons to pair your flowers with so your relative or friend can be doubly happy.

However, they only deliver throughout the Geelong region. If you would like your gift delivered on the same day, call to enquire with their caring and helpful staff in advance.


  • Offers same-day flower delivery
  • Takes phone orders
  • Crafts wedding blooms
  • Open seven days a week


  • Doesn’t deliver interstate or AU-wide
  • Sunday delivery is unavailable except on Mother’s Day

9. The Food Purveyor

The Food Purveyor's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.thefoodpurveyor.com.au/

Speciality: Inexpensive artisan hampers

Price: $25 – $150

Delivery fee: $10 – $25

Payment methods: Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, JCB, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Visa

The Food Purveyor is a family business that was started in 2012. Here, you will find hampers filled with tasty food and drinks sourced from small producers in the Greater Geelong area at affordable rates.

Their hamper can include biscuits, candies, cereals, pretzels, jams, relishes, beer, gin, tea, olive oil, and the like. You can either get them individually or choose from the pre-arranged food hampers.

Unlike other gift shops, they can send your chosen gift Australia-wide. They have standard delivery available, but you can opt for express delivery that costs higher but arrives a lot faster.


  • Artisan hamper goods
  • Great rates
  • Express delivery option available
  • Delivers across Australia
  • Several payment methods


  • Closed on the weekends
  • Their hampers could have more variety

10. Paloma Candy Shop

Shop link: https://www.palomacandy.com.au/

Speciality: Boutique gifts and candies

Price: $25 – $150

Delivery fee: calculated upon checkout

Payment methods: Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, JCB, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Visa

At Paloma Candy Shop, our experience was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, their services exceeded our expectations, setting a new standard in gift delivery.

Convenience is the name of the game, and Paloma Candy Shop nailed it. 

Ordering was a breeze, with a user-friendly website that made selecting the perfect gift a pleasure. Our package arrives precisely when promised, leaving no room for disappointment.

When it comes to reputation, Paloma Candy Shop stands tall.

They’ve built a name synonymous with reliability and quality. Our friends and colleagues spoke highly of their experiences, and we’re delighted to join the chorus of praise.

Paloma Candy Shop offers premium gifts without breaking the bank.

Their prices are competitive, and the value we received was evident in the smiles our gift brought. Quality and affordability rarely go hand in hand, but Paloma Candy Shop manages to strike the perfect balance.

But what truly sets Paloma Candy Shop apart is their attention to detail.

The presentation of our gift was impeccable. It was evident every element, from the packaging to the personalized note, was carefully thought out.

It’s these small touches that make Paloma Candy Shop the go-to choice for gift delivery.

However, they don’t offer promos yet. We recommend checking their website for other affordable deals.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Timely deliveries
  • Affordable prices
  • Outstanding customer service


  • No promos yet

11. Grovedale Florist and Gift Shop

Grovedale Florist and Gift Shop's Homepage

Shop link: https://www.grovedaleflorist.com/

Speciality: Trendy fresh blooms and gourmet hampers

Price: $65 – $160

Delivery fee: $14.95

Payment methods: JCB, Mastercard, Shop Pay, and Visa

At Grovedale Florist and Gift Shop, Maria Hegyesi aims to bring love and joy to people by giving them amazing flowers and customer service.

Most buyers commented that it was easy to order from them online or by phone. One even just gave the florist a budget, and the team went on to make a wonderful bouquet for them promptly.

Unfortunately, they have a couple of drawbacks too, which are not accepting Amex payments and having fewer hamper and flower options compared to rival gift or flower stores.


  • Same-day Geelong delivery
  • Offers an express delivery service
  • Takes phone orders
  • Makes wedding florals


  • Doesn’t accept Amex cards and PayPal
  • Relatively small selection
  • Sunday delivery is unavailable except on Mother’s Day

12. Baby Gift Box

Shop link: https://babygiftbox.com.au/

Specialty: Baby Gifts

Price: $99 – $249

Delivery fee:

  • Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cold Coast: free
  • Melbourne, Cairns, Townsville, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, and all other metropolitan areas: free
  • Northern Territory, Regional areas and outside the metropolitan area: free
  • PRIORITY EXPRESS DELIVERY – For most capital cities delivery is next business day. For Perth, NT, Regional allow 2 business days: $9.95

Payment methods:

  • Credit Card:  Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners Club (please note we do not charge extra fees for using your credit card)
  • Direct Deposit: Deposits can be made to*:
    Account Name: Baby Gift Box
    BSB Number: 114879
    Account Number: 482106413

Baby Gift Box is your go-to gift delivery shop for all things baby-related. With a wide range of baby gifts, hampers, and nappy cakes, they make celebrating the arrival of a new bundle of joy a delightful and hassle-free experience.

The convenience of same-day dispatch sets Baby Gift Box apart. Place your order before 12:00pm (AEST) on any weekday, and your gift will be on its way. This prompt service ensures your gift reaches its destination swiftly.

Baby Gift Box offers free delivery to various destinations, including major cities and metropolitan areas. They even provide priority express delivery for faster shipping, accommodating special date requests, and ensuring your gift arrives on the required day.

Their commitment to providing exceptional service extends beyond offering a beautiful collection of gifts. Baby Gift Box’s team is always ready to assist you in selecting or even customizing the perfect gift, making the gift-giving experience effortless and enjoyable.

As the name suggests, Baby Gift Box specializes in baby-related items. If you’re looking for gifts for other occasions or recipients beyond babies, their offerings may be somewhat limited, and you might need to explore alternative gift shops for a broader range of options.


  • Same-Day Dispatch
  • Delivery Options
  • Customer-Centric Service


  • Limited Variety

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