A Basic Guide to Crocus Flower Meaning

The Crocus flower symbolizes rebirth or a new beginning because it’s one of the first flowers to bloom in spring.

But apart from that, this flower, depending on its hue, also means happiness, romance, and devotion.

If you want to learn more about crocus flowers and their meaning, symbolism, and cultural significance, scroll down.

Crocus Word Meaning

Crocus is derived from the Ancient Greek word krokos. This ancient word is also the root word for saffron, the dye or spice produced from the flower’s dried stigmas or pistils.

However, it’s important to note that though all crocus varieties look and are called the same, not all of them produce saffron.

The Meaning of the Crocus Flower by Color

The Meaning of the Crocus Flower by Color

Like all kinds of flowers, each color of the crocus flower differs in meaning. Let’s see what they are:

  • Purple Crocus

Purple is sort of the standard color for crocuses, much like red is for roses. Purple crocus means success, royalty, and dignity.

If there is an aunt or friend that you idolize and respect, then you might want to gift them with a purple crocus bouquet or vase ensemble for their birthday or on a regular day.

  • White Crocus

The white variant of these cup-shaped flowers is elegant and majestic. And it comes as no surprise, therefore, that white crocuses mean purity, innocence, and truth.

These flowers are excellent to give to a wedding couple as a gift, to a dedicated mother, or to a close friend who has always been by your side.

  • Yellow Crocus

Yellow sunflowers, daisies, and crocuses belong in the same group. Their meanings are generally the same: joy and cheerfulness.

Do you know someone who has a contagious laugh? Or someone whose presence makes you feel light and happy? Then the yellow crocus could make an excellent gift for these people.

  • Pink Crocus

A field of pink crocuses is surely spectacular. Now, pink crocuses express love, devotion, and youthfulness.

Thus you can give pink crocuses to your friend or kin if you miss them or want to say that you love and care for them.

The Cultural Significance of Crocus Flowers

The Cultural Significance of Crocus Flowers

The crocus flower comes up in a Greek myth. It tells a tragic story of a Greek elite named Crocus who fell madly in love with a shepherdess named Smilax. One day, it was discovered that Crocus killed himself since the gods had forbidden their marriage.

This made Smilax sad and brokenhearted. Upon seeing this, the gods felt bad too. So to correct the situation, they turned both Crocus and Smilax into beautiful crocus flowers, which then became a symbol of deep, romantic love.

From that time forward, many Greeks wove crocus flowers and vines into fabulous garlands to celebrate wedding and anniversary events. 

And at some point, interestingly, these garlands had also been worn over the head to offset the liquor scent a person has, thanks to the flower’s pungent vanilla and spice aroma.

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