6 Gift-Wrapping Mistakes to Avoid

It takes practice and experience to wrap gifts like a pro. Like learning to ride a bicycle, people tend to make some mistakes before learning how to do it right or better than before.

That’s why we’re tackling the gift-wrapping mistakes you should avoid today. With this, not only will you wrap more nicely, but you’ll also conserve your time, effort, and resources.

1) Choosing the Wrong Wrapper

Choosing the Wrong Wrapper

Your chosen paper will determine how easy and seamless the gift wrapping process will be. Cheap paper can crease or tear at the slightest mistouch and handmade or expensive ones can be thick and hard to fold.

So we suggest using mid-range gift wrappers instead—those that are decorative, durable, and easy to work with. Your recipient will love it the same, and you will also spend less, which is a double win.

2) Wrapping Gifts Facing Up

While this technique works fine for some people, it’s easier if you wrap your gifts upside down. That’s because many of the seams that need to be taped are on the bottom of the gift.

3) Using the Wrong Tape

Using the wrong tape makes gift-wrapping more laborious, like if the tape has poor adhesion or if it’s a commonplace clear or colored tape.

Because you’d like your gift to come across as special, it’s better to use a satin gift tape or decorative washi tape. This will effortlessly blend in with the paper and make it look creative at the same time.

4) Wrapping the Gift Anywhere

Wrapping the Gift Anywhere

Ideally, you should wrap your gift on a table with enough space for your materials. Wrapping on your bed will make folding and preparing your gift a bit of a challenge.

But you don’t need to get a new table just for that purpose. Going to your dining room table and converting it to your workspace for a few minutes is already good.

5) Not Hiding Obvious Gift Shapes

Not Hiding Obvious Gift Shapes

We always love to be surprised. So we advise not wrapping gifts like a book, record, wallet, or home decor item as it is.

To do this, consider putting the gift inside a box or bubble wrap if it is delicate so the recipient won’t know what it is. And with this, you get to protect it too.

6) Forgetting to Put Name Tags on Gifts

When you’re wrapping more than one gift, it’s wise to put a gift tag on them with your name and your message.

This can be frustrating especially if you don’t know what’s inside the gift and for whom it is. Add to that the number of gifts you’ve finished wrapping already, and as such, you might have to open them one by one and re-wrap them.

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