The Meaning and Symbolism of the Allium Flower

The allium flower is a pleasing cluster of spherical blossoms. Allium is a genus of flowering plants with several hundred species, notably vegetables like garlic, leek, chives, and scallion.

So aside from being used as cut or garden flowers, it’s not surprising that this flower can be used as a spice to enhance food flavor, aroma, and presentation.

Its practical uses aside, we’re going to explore the meaning and symbolism of the allium flower today.

What do allium flowers symbolize?

What do allium flowers symbolize

In general, alliums symbolize patience, humility, unity, love, and grace. Also, they stand for abundance and prosperity.

However, depending on the species and color, allium flowers express a different meaning. Let’s take a look at some of these and explain them briefly.

Allium flowers symbolize patience

Many flowers have been taken to mean patience. One of which is alliums. This is because their flowers bloom slowly.

Allium flowers symbolize good fortune and success

Two varieties of alliums are regarded as a symbol of wealth and success. One is the Allium cepa (the common garlic) and the other one is Allium sativum.

In Bologna, people often bought allium bulbs during the festival of St. John because they believed it prevented them from falling into poverty.

Allium flowers symbolize unrequited love

In the Arthurian legend, the Land of Ascolat is associated with the Allium ascalonicum. The place is where the fair lady Elaine’s castle is located.

Elaine of Ascolat had a passionate and deep love for Sir Lancelot. However, her love was not returned, and she died with a broken heart.

And so this spiky, delicate, and pink variety of allium represents unrequited love. Sometimes this flower is referred to as a shallot.

Allium flowers symbolize unity

This belief came from the fact that the many allium florets all develop into one composite round structure, thereby symbolizing unity.

More than the other varieties, onion or Allium cepa is truer in its name. “Onion” is derived from the Latin word onio, which means oneness or unity.

Allium flowers symbolize great health and protection

Back in the day, allium was also used in medicine and protection against evil spirits or creatures across different countries.

Ancient Peruvians used allium plants to treat people suffering from a particular illness or condition. And two garlic allium varieties were relied upon to fight off bacteria and viruses.

In 16th century Germany, miners carried alliums with them or placed them close to where they worked. They believed that it warded off bad luck and impure spirits roaming around.

Moreover, Greek midwives displayed alliums in the room until their scent pervaded the whole area. The flower and its fragrance were said to protect laboring mothers from infections.

Allium flowers symbolize immortality

There was a practice in Poland wherein Allium porrum or leek was planted on the hands of Jesus the Savior’s statue. It was said that Jesus received allium when he was harshly persecuted and crucified.

As we know, on Easter Sunday, he rose again from the dead and appeared to Mary Magdalene and his disciples. And then, he commanded the disciples to preach the gospel and ascended to heaven.

Because of this belief, allium has also come to mean immortality.

The Various Color Meanings of Alliums

The Various Color Meanings of Alliums

Below are the special meaning of alliums based on their color.

PinkGentle love and affection
Red/BurgundyTrue or passionate love
YellowBliss, friendliness, and energy
OrangeExcitement and devotion
WhitePurity and innocence
BlueOpen-heartedness, peace, and tranquility
VioletRefinement, wisdom, spirituality, and mystery

If you have a friend that’s patient or humble or you want to wish someone good health or fortune, you can gift them allium flowers.

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