4 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving Traditions around the World

It’s beautiful that the language of love varies from one culture to another. Couples abroad have a certain way of showing and celebrating love between them.

For example, in South Korea, it’s women that give men chocolates on Valentine’s Day. In Wales, couples exchange exquisite handmade wooden spoons to celebrate it.

Now, in Norway, secret admirers engage in poetry games with the woman they like, who will receive an Easter egg on Easter if she guesses correctly who the letter is from. But, if she fails to guess who the man is, he’ll get an Easter egg from her.

There are many more interesting unique Valentine’s Day gift-giving customs around the world as you will see shortly. Maybe you can adopt some of them for your one and only or just learn more about other cultures.

Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions in France

Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions in France

Paris is indeed a romantic city where Valentine’s Day is hugely celebrated. Lovers drink red wine and exchange kisses and spouses give each other small gifts they like and dine out at night.

A lot of citizens and tourists flock to the French village of Saint-Valentin. It’s named after the Roman saint, Saint Valentine who is famously known for curing his captor’s daughter and opposing the persecution of Christians by allowing their secret weddings.

Also, some couples come to this village to get married or renew their wedding vows with each other.

That doesn’t stop there, however, as the whole country decorates its yards and trees with roses, cards, and hearts, among other romantic things on the special day of love.

Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions in Mexico

Valentine’s Day is called ‘El Dia del Amor y la Amistad’. It translates in English as the Day of Love and Friendship, so both lovers, friends, or single people can celebrate love.

Basically, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the same way as in other countries. The only difference is that everything is done more in the Mexican way here.

Serenading mariachi bands are famous here and can give you and your spouse or partner a night to remember. Furthermore, people give out flowers, heart-shaped balloons, chocolates, or even write poetries!

Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions in Brazil

Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions in Brazil

In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is called ‘Dia dos Namorados’ or Lover’s Day. This is a time when couples hand each other flowers, cards, and gifts.

But, holding exciting concerts and dance events are the unique things that kick off or spice up Brazil’s Valentine’s Day.

However, their version of Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to lovers, but they also give a nice gift to their dad, mom, sibling, or relatives, showing that you think of them often and care about them.

Unique Valentine’s Traditions in Italy

Italy has dreamy houses, satisfying food, and lots of nature escapades, such as the romantic gondola ride on Venetian canals, for one.

Similar to the French, they are very romantic too, but in their own way. They have a belief wherein the girl would marry the first person she sees on Valentine’s Day or who, in a way, looks similar to her, possibly indicating that he is her other half.

Italians give their partners red roses or other flowers, chocolates mostly from Lindt, Venchi, and Perugina brands, and jewelry on this day.

Furthermore, they have this symbolistic trend, called ‘Lucchetti d’Amore’ (Padlocks of Love) in which couples use any heavy metal, whether that be a chain, padlock, or other metal items. 

So they would write their lover’s name on each padlock, lock it, and toss the key to the river. It’s kind of like they’re saying, “No one will touch the couple’s heart now and forevermore, except me.”

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